Short-Term Inpatient Services/Unit

The inpatient unit is a short-term, eight-bed unit, located at Kingston General Hospital, that provides assessment and stabilization for children and youth under the age of 18 with known or suspected mental health disorders. The unit is served by a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychiatry, nursing, child and youth counselors, social work, psychology and pastoral care staff.

The purpose of admission is to provide assessment, symptom disruption, and stabilization. Many of the youth or adolescents we work with have longstanding or severe problems, and we do not expect all their difficulties to resolve completely during the admission. Instead, our goal is to complete a comprehensive assessment, initiate treatment and provide recommendations for follow-up to the patient, family and care providers in the community.

While in hospital, children and youth are expected to participate in ward activities such as study time, and to attend groups that take place throughout the day. These groups focus on social skills such as anger management, communication skills, coping skills and relaxation techniques.

What To Expect
Admissions can take place on an emergency basis following assessment in the Emergency Room or Urgent Consult Clinic, or electively at the request of a psychiatrist in the outpatient department. Due to a high demand for this service, there is typically a wait time for elective admissions. The typical length of stay is under two weeks.

Upon admission, youth and their families will be oriented to the ward and given a comprehensive overview of the unit guidelines.