Patient Declaration of Values

As a patient I value:

  • Receiving the best possible, safest health care experience every time I visit.
  • Being treated with respect, courtesy and sensitivity and knowing that my personal privacy is protected.
  • Having a voice in my health care and participating actively in decisions about my plan of care. I value having my input and choices respected by the entire health care team.
  • Receiving timely, complete information that is clear to me and that allows me to make the best decisions about my health care.
  • Having the right to express concerns or complaints about my care and receiving a considerate and timely response.
  • Knowing that people who provide care and service at Hotel Dieu Hospital take responsibility for their actions.

The Patient Declaration of Values at Hotel Dieu Hospital was developed with input from patients and families; members of the public; physicians, staff and volunteers; and other stakeholders. This Declaration sets out what individuals expect at each hospital visit, and it builds on our mission and values as a hospital providing health care within the Catholic tradition.