Cardiac program volunteers head straight to the 'heart' of care

While volunteer Don Cooper doesn’t know yet if he’ll be wearing red on Feb. 14, he knows for sure that he’ll be at his usual hospital post on Valentine’s Day, ready—as always—to try and make life a little easier for people whose hearts need some extra special care.  

Dr. Shawna Johnston honoured for creating an excellent patient care experience

Her strong commitment to putting patients and families at the centre of care has earned Dr. Shawna Johnston the 2018 Exceptional Healer Award from Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

Clinic to improve wait-times for patients with knee and hip arthritis

Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s Rapid Access Clinic occupies an unassuming space in the orthopedics clinic on Johnson 7 at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site. While the clinic resembles many others spread out across our two hospital sites, it’s playing a key role in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s strategy to improve wait-times for hip and knee patients in Ontario.

New treatment approach helps patients receive care closer to home

Patients in Southeastern Ontario on a specific type of chemotherapy are now benefiting from a novel approach to receive their care closer to home. 

Known as Vidaza, this injectable treatment is used to treat certain types of bone marrow cancers and blood cell disorders. Typically, patients on Vidaza receive it seven days in a row every three weeks, during a 15 minute appointment. 

Partnering to attract top talent to Kingston

In the world of healthcare, partnerships are essential to thrive and provide the best care possible, which is why Providence Care and Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) have teamed up to create a shared People Services department that spans the two organizations. This strategy has proven to have many benefits from sharing technology, learning and opening both organizations up to a breadth of new expertise and leading people practices.

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