Media Policy

Media contact with hospital

All inquiries/requests from the media for information or interviews should be referred to the Public Relations Department.

All members of the media must have permission from the Public Relations Department before:

  • interviewing an employee/employees of Hotel Dieu Hospital;
  • taking photos;
  • taking videos or audio of an employee or employees of Hotel Dieu Hospital; or
  • filming/photographing the hospital facilities while on the property.

If media requires request access to the hospital outside of regular business hours (e.g. to film or take photos), permission must first be granted first by Public Relations staff or the Administrator On Call.

All members of the media must be escorted by a member of the Public Relations Department while on Hospital property.

Media contact with physicians

Physicians are asked to advise the Public Relations Department in advance when media are coming on to Hospital property to interview, photograph or record (e.g. video, audio) the physician about issues other than corporate, hospital or program issues (e.g. research or a medical issue for which the physician is a subject expert). The Public Relations Department will escort media while on Hospital property. The Public Relations Department must be consulted for permission to take photos or videos that show and identify the Hospital, its property, and/or its corporate image (e.g. logo).

For background, financial and other useful information about the Hotel Dieu Hospital, please consult our publications.