hdhEnews issue: June 30, 2016

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Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital announce plans to form an integrated academic health sciences centre
Hotel Dieu Hospital announces 2016-2017 Board of Directors
HDH physician, community donors honoured with UHKF awards
Kingston & District Civitan announce largest donation in club history
Volunteer wins Award of Excellence from national health care organization


Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital announce plans to form an integrated academic health sciences centre

The Boards of Directors of Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital announced June 28 that they have agreed to create a new academic health sciences centre that will bring together the operations of the two hospitals. The new organization will operate as one hospital with one budget, on two separate sites, and will be overseen by one Board, Chief Executive Officer and Executive team. The two existing boards chose this direction as a way to provide better, more integrated care for patients and families.Michael Hickey, George Thomson at press conference

The decision to move forward with the integration was reached by both hospitals after consultation with the South East Local Health Integration Network, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, as well as the Roman Catholic sponsors of Hotel Dieu Hospital, Catholic Health International. With their support and with agreement in principle from Kingston Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, there is clear consensus to move forward with the integration. 

“The Boards, leadership teams, physicians and staff at both hospitals have increasingly been working in a more integrated way to best meet the needs of patients and families,” says Kingston General Hospital Board Chair George Thomson. “We know that the more closely we can work together, the stronger our health system will be for our community. This is an exciting, progressive approach to providing health care in our region.”

Over the next several months, the hospitals will begin formal planning to establish the legal and operational structures for the new academic health sciences centre. During this time, the Interim President and CEO at KGH, Jim Flett, and Dr. David Pichora, in his role as CEO at HDH, will work with a joint team to lead the transition process and seek input from the community. It is anticipated that it will take up to 12 months to form the new corporation.

Under the new entity, each site will continue to fulfill its unique role with the KGH site providing complex-acute and specialty care and the HDH site providing acute-ambulatory care, ensuring that all of the same services continue to be offered to patients and families. At the same time, the history and traditions of each individual site will also be respected.

“We remain committed to honouring the unique missions and cultures of both the sites as we move forward,” says Hotel Dieu Hospital Board Chair Michael Hickey.

“The Hotel Dieu site will retain its Catholic identity and mission, and KGH will remain a secular site. The current missions of both Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital will be guaranteed in a binding Operating Agreement with oversight by a Partnership Council.”

As part of the announcement to integrate, the Boards also announced that the inaugural President and Chief Executive Officer of the new academic health science centre will be Hotel Dieu Hospital’s current CEO, Dr. Pichora.

“This is an historic step and signals our commitment to bring our two hospitals together to build on our strong history of high quality patient- and family-centred care,” says Dr. Pichora.  “Many of our patients receive care at both HDH and KGH and we believe that by working together more closely, we will deliver a better experience for patients and families.”

Over the coming months, Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital will be launching a consultation process to seek input from the community, as well as everyone who works, learns and volunteers at both hospitals, as we shape the future of acute hospital care in Kingston.

To learn more about the new academic health sciences centre, visit www.kgh.on.ca or www.hoteldieu.com 

Photo:  HDH Board Chair Michael Hickey and KGH Board Chair George Thomson attend media conference announcing integration plan. Photo credit:  Matthew Manor/KGH


Hotel Dieu Hospital announces 2016-2017 Board of Directors

Following its Annual Business Meeting on June 29, Hotel Dieu Hospital is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Michael Hickey as Chair of its Board of Directors for 2016-2017.  Caroline Manley has been re-appointed Vice-Chair. 

“This past year, we continued to be innovative and creative in meeting the growing health care needs of patients in our region, finding savings to ensure a balanced budget while still seeing more patients and providing more services in high-demand areas of health care such dermatology, chronic pain and bariatrics,” says Mr. Hickey.

“We enter the new year excited about the next chapter in our hospital’s history as we join with Kingston General Hospital to create a dynamic new integrated health sciences centre.  This is a bold and progressive move for health care in our region, and we know that the more closely we work together as health care partners, the stronger our health system will be for our patients and our community.”

The Members of the hospital Corporation have appointed Laurie Newport as the Board’s Secretary/Treasurer.  As appointed by the Members of the Corporation the Board of Directors also include:  Alan Cosford, Rebecca Lambert, Sister Marilyn Larocque, Emily Leslie, Sherri McCullough, Peter Milliken, David Pattenden, Gillian Purvis, Margaret Sheppard and J.A. (Sandy) Wilson.  Sister Rosemarie Kugel and Sister Joan Kalchbrenner are honorary Board Members.

The following individuals will serve as voting ex-officio Directors:  Caroline Manley (representative of the Archbishop of Kingston) and Dr. Richard Reznick (representative of the Principal of Queen’s University).  Non-voting ex-officio Directors include Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick (Chair, Medical Advisory Committee); Michael McDonald (Chief of Patient Care/Chief Nursing Executive); Dr. David Pichora (Chief Executive Officer); Dr. A. (Sandy) Boag (Vice President, Medical Staff); and Dr. J. Engel (President, Medical Staff).

To view and read the hospital’s Year in Review 2015-2016, please click HERE.

Photo:  HDH Board Chair Michael Hickey


HDH physician, community donors honoured with UHKF awards

Some well-known—and very generous—individuals and community groups were honoured at the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation’s annual Celebration of Giving event on June 22.Dr. Martin ten Hove accepts award

At the event, UHKF announced that Dr. Martin ten Hove, HDH ophthalmologist and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Queen’s University, was awarded the Ian Wilson Award for Volunteerism, granted to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer efforts in obtaining donations benefitting Kingston university hospitals through an event, organized campaign or informal activity.

Dr. ten Hove was praised for being an “extraordinary physician and person” who has demonstrated both personal and professional leadership in bringing together physicians, donors, hospitals and the UHKF.  A “leader in the hospital and the community,” he was described as compassionate about his patients and his work.

The winners of the Davies Award for Philanthropic Leadership were local businessman Brit Smith and the Lions Clubs of Kingston, both cited for their incredible and continuing generosity to all three Kingston hospitals.  The Davies Awards are given to individuals, organizations and community groups that have demonstrated outstanding philanthropic leadership benefiting our hospitals and the provision of health care in community and region.

Photo:  Dr. Martin ten Hove, winner of the 2016 Ian Wilson Award for Volunteerism


Kingston & District Civitan announce largest donation in club history

The Kingston & District Civitan Club, a volunteer organization that supports people with disabilities, announced a $3,000 donation to the Child Development Centre (CDC) through the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation to support the purchase of specialized equipment.Civitan donation to CDC

Civitan is an international organization dedicated to helping people with developmental disorders. When leaders of the Kingston & District branch of the club were introduced to CDC staff, they were inspired to raise money by raffling off a Martin guitar which was donated by Renaissance Music.

“I actually came to Hotel Dieu to apply for a volunteer position,” said Linda Mortlock, Project Chair for the Kingston & District Civitan Club, “but when I discovered the CDC I knew that we had to have a fundraiser for them.”   The money raised by the Civitan Club has already been put to use by purchasing a specialized stroller for a child with cerebral palsy. The stroller allows the two-year old to be positioned properly for feeding and to aid in his overall development.

“These things are incredibly expensive, and being able to purchase it will help this child and his family immensely” said Margaret Van Beers, CDC Director, “we are honoured to be the recipients of this wonderful gift.”

The gift is the Civitan Club’s first to UHKF, and also the largest donation made to a single organization in the Club’s history.

Photo:  Members of the Kingston & District Civitan Club present their biggest fundraising cheque ever to the Child Development Centre and University Hospitals Kingston Foundation


Volunteer wins Award of Excellence from national health care organization

A longtime nursing and leadership history with Hotel Dieu Hospital has landed Carol Hazell with a prestigious award from Catholic Health International.  Carol was presented with the Volunteer Excellence Award at the hospital’s Annual General Meeting on June 29.CarolHazell accepting volunteer award

Carol has been long affiliated with Hotel Dieu.  She is a graduate of the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing and so her tenure at the hospital began at a young age as she began her nursing training under the guidance and tutelage of our Sisters.  She practiced as a nurse at Hotel Dieu for many years prior to her retirement. 

However, retirement did not mean slowing down or leaving the hospital, where Carol now serves as President of Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital.  She has been volunteering at the Information Desk for more than eight years, has been on the board of Volunteer Service for more than five years, and volunteers in the Brock Boutique every week.  In total, she has recorded more than 1600 hours with Volunteer Services.

In addition, Carol has played a leadership role within the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae and serves on Hotel Dieu Hospital board committees as a Le Royer Patron.

Board Chair Michael Hickey praised Carol for her leadership and dedication to Hotel Dieu Hospital.  “You embody our mission of compassionate care and on behalf of the Board of Directors and the leadership team, I am pleased to present to you this Volunteer Excellence Award!”

Pnoto:  Volunteer Carol Hazell accepting her Volunteer Excellence Award.