Weight Management

Healthy Meal Exchange

When life gets too busy or stressful, taking the time to plan and cook healthy meals every day can be a huge challenge. It can be incredibly helpful to have healthy homemade meals ready to reheat in your freezer for those especially busy days. A fun way make this happen and have a variety of healthy meals is through a Healthy Meal Exchange!

All you need is 3-4 friends who share an interest in healthy eating and you could end up with a month’s worth of delicious and nutritious meals!

Here’s how it works:

What kind of hungry are you?

Have you ever walked down the street and smelled the delight of fresh bread dancing through the air? Then, instantly thought ‘I am so hungry’? Or perhaps you have sat down an hour after supper with a bowl of popcorn to entertain you while you watch the latest episode of your favourite show.

Were you actually in need of food during these occasions? Chances are that you were not responding to a physical cue, but rather an emotional or habitual trigger.

Public Webinars by the Canadian Obesity Network

The Canadian Obesity Network (CON) is pleased to offer free public webinars.

These webinars feature experts in weight management helping you understand your body, weight and all things between. During the webinar, you can engage with the speakers through live Tweet and Facebook. After the session, you can email your questions. The experts will reply and publish the questions and answers on the CON website. What a great way to stay informed and get engaged.

The next webinar will be Tuesday, May 24, 2016 from 12 to 12:45pm (EST).

Celebrating Your Best

When we start on this journey of lifestyle changes to manage our weight we can sometimes fall into some of the ‘diet mentality’ traps. One of the most common traps is the unrealistic weight loss goal. Thinking that we need to lose as much as possible by any means necessary will lead us to make changes to our lives that we can tolerate but not enjoy and to do things that we can’t maintain. This approach can leave us frustrated when we don’t see progress, make us feel like a failure, and lead us to give up.

Help! I’m at a weight loss plateau 1 month out of bariatric surgery.

One of the most common frustrations we hear from our patients at three to six weeks after bariatric surgery is lack of weight loss progression. There seems to be an expectation that after surgery, weight loss will be fast and steady. But, weight loss is much more complicated. It is quite normal and expected to experience slowing weight loss, especially early after surgery. You are not doing anything wrong – but you do need to trust that if you take care of your body and allow it to heal, you will see a progression in months to come.

Apples to Zen

Welcome to Apples to Zen, a newsfeed brought to you by the Kingston Bariatric Regional Assessment and Treatment Centre (RATC).

Every day in our clinic, we hear about the information and advice that patients gather from various social media sites. From eating well and supplements to weight and coping with post-bariatric surgery problems, everyone seems to be an ‘expert.’