Nutrition Tips

Take the Fight out of Food! Spot the problem. Get the Facts. Seek Support.

Every March, Dietitians of Canada campaigns to bring health and nutrition issues to the attention of Canadians. This year, dietitians across Canada are encouraging you to improve your relationship with food, no matter the struggle.  We want to encourage you to enjoy eating and to move past frustration and confusion. 

If you’re fighting with food, try out this 3-step approach:

1. Spot the problem: Define what’s causing your fight with food.

2. Get the facts: Use facts from credible sources to decide what needs to be done to solve the problem.

Take control of your sweet tooth!

Do you find it difficult to concentrate mid-day with a sugar craving? Are you searching the cupboards in the evening to satisfy that sweet tooth? What appeases it? Chocolate? Baked goods? Desserts?

Your sweet tooth can be managed with awareness, attention, and some coping tools.

Embrace the tastes of Fall

Hello fall. We’ve missed you (and your tasty invitation to use the oven and stove once again). Fall is an absolute splendor for fresh foods and cooking inspiration. A time for harvest and preservation. Warm up today and enjoy the flavours of our favourite fall meals:

Wake up and put the caffeine to the side

You may think it is impossible, but you can survive a life without caffeine.   If you are considering bariatric surgery, this is an absolute must.

Along with alcohol, carbonated beverages and non-prescription and illicit drugs, the Ontario Bariatric Network  advises all patients to avoid caffeine for a minimum 2 months prior and lifelong following bariatric surgery.

So, why the pass by your favorite coffee shop?

What did you really eat?

Do you really know how you are nourishing your body?

Take, for example, this 24-hour food and beverage recall:

Breakfast:  1 whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, a glass of orange juice, coffee with milk

Morning snack:  banana muffin, coffee with milk

Lunch:  tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread, handful of chocolate-covered raisins, handful of grapes

Afternoon:  2x 500ml water

Snack while making supper: carrot sticks, crackers, cheddar cheese

The Sunshine Vitamin (aka VitaminD)

Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies that we see in our patients. You may be familiar with this as the sunshine vitamin. It has roles in maintaining healthy bones, teeth and muscles as well as keeping our immune system healthy. It may even have roles in preventing certain types of cancer. Over time, low vitamin D can contribute to osteomalacia (softening bones) or osteoporosis (weak, porous bones).

Celebrate cooking: Poached egg on pesto toast

Overheard in the bariatric clinic:

‘I don’t have time to cook’ …

‘I’m too tired at the end of the day to make a meal for just myself’ …

‘there are just not enough hours in the day, we need to have something quick so that we can get to hockey practice on time’ …

‘I just don’t like cooking.’

And there are more.

Summer Bites

It is a season of fresh foods. A season to inspire the taste buds. Whether you shop at the grocery store, farmer’s market or in your own backyard garden, this is the time of year to enjoy the full taste of delicious vegetables and juicy fruits.

Check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy healthy alternatives using fresh foods this summer.

It’s All Greek To Me: Part 1

Greek yogurt, also known as “strained yogurt”, has become increasing popular not only for its thick and creamy texture, but also for its impressive nutritional value. Greek yogurt is traditional yogurt that has been strained a second time following the fermentation process. This extra straining process reduces the content of natural sugar in yogurt by approximately half and doubles the protein!

Healthy Meal Exchange

When life gets too busy or stressful, taking the time to plan and cook healthy meals every day can be a huge challenge. It can be incredibly helpful to have healthy homemade meals ready to reheat in your freezer for those especially busy days. A fun way make this happen and have a variety of healthy meals is through a Healthy Meal Exchange!

All you need is 3-4 friends who share an interest in healthy eating and you could end up with a month’s worth of delicious and nutritious meals!

Here’s how it works: