Is it really a win to lose?

Long life with healthy habit written on a note pad with an orange along side.

About a month ago, a pretty controversial research paper, Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after “The Biggest Loser” competitiondescribed the negative effects on body metabolism for contestants from ‘The Biggest Loser.’

Basically, the study found that the metabolism of the contestants 6 years following a very intense diet and exercise intervention was lower than before the intervention. The contestants regained a substantial amount of weight following the intervention. In our minds, this may suggest that the diet and lifestyle started during the competition was not realistic to continue every day for the rest of each contestant’s life. It also reminds us that with any kind of weight loss, the body begins to adapt. We become able to survive on fewer calories. And to maintain any lost weight, we need to continue the lifestyle that led to the weight loss.

These studies may be complicated, but they offer us a simple reminder: managing our weight is a daily commitment. It offers an opportunity to treat ourselves with respect, curiosity and attention. And reminds us about what is important to us and what influences our happiness. Let’s embark on a way of living that we can enjoy – every day for the rest of our lives.