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Benefits, EFAP, HOOPP and Paid Holidays

Manulife: Visit the Manulife Financial website of all your benefit needs. You can submit certain claims online, print off claim forms and more. Follow this link to learn more about Manulife Coverage.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP): Learn more about EFAP

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP): Learn more about HOOPP

Citrix Access Gateway Authorized Users ONLY

Authorized Citrix Access Gateway Users ONLY Link

This program allows you access to your files while you are away from your office (outside the hospital walls). Permission for this access is by Management approval.

E-Pay Stub

E-Pay Stub Link

View your current pay statement plus archived statements (back to October 2011), vacation banks and demographic information that you can update yourself. If necessary, you can print your e-pay stub.

Staff kiosk is located in the Human Resources area to log in and review your E-Pay Stub, which gives you access to pay stubs, archived pay statements, vacation banks and demographic information that you can update yourself.

Email access using WEBMAIL


Accessing Email from Home

Contact the HDH Help Desk (ext. 4357) if you are having issues accessing your email.

Feeling Feverish / Unwell?

Learn what to do if you are feeling unwell:

  • If you become ill prior to your work shift
  • If you become unwell at work


Hotel Dieu Mission Award-You can nominate all year round

You can nominate all year. Download your nomination here.


Job Opportunities - Open

All OPEN positions at HDH site are posted under our Careers Section How to apply information is provided there as well.

All CLOSED positions at HDH are posted on the intranet. The intranet site is only accessible within the hospital.

All other career questions maybe directed to the Human Resources Department at ext. 2381.

Shuttle Bus Schedule

Shuttle Bus Schedule

The shuttle operates at 06:35 and arrive at 15-minute intervals at each of the following stops until the shuttle stops running at 18:20: 

  • Stop 1: Providence Care-St. Mary’s of the Lake site
  • Stop 2: KGH-Armstrong
  • Stop 3: KGH-Watkins (Stuart Street)
  • Stop 4: HDH-Urgent Care Centre
  • Stop 5: KGH-Burr (George & O’Kill Streets).

To access the new shuttle schedule, click the link below.  The schedule will also be posted at the Shuttle Bus entrance beside UCC.

Notes & Tips for riders:

  • The new shuttle van has a sliding door that requires a strong pull/push to open/close.  Maneuvering the door open and shut is the passenger’s responsibility since the driver cannot safely exit the vehicle in busy street traffic to assist.
  • If you think you might have trouble opening/closing the door, feel free to ride in the front passenger seat (especially if you’re the lone rider on the shuttle).
  • If you can assist another passenger with the door, please do!
  • Remember to enter and exit the shuttle safely.
  • Shuttle seating is on a first-come first-serve basis.  The van may get crowded during peak times (beginning/end of shifts, during inclement weather, etc.), so please plan accordingly.
  • The shuttle arrives at 15-minute intervals at each scheduled stop.  As always, however, traffic and road construction may create unavoidable delays.
  • KGH staff travelling to Providence Care should access the shuttle at the KGH-Burr stop.
  • The KGH-Burr stop replaces the KGH-Stuart/George stop to help relieve congestion at the busy Stuart/George intersection.
  • Shuttle drivers will take 15-minute breaks at 09:50 and 15:20.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact Rocky Prosser, Director, Protection Services at 613-549-6666 ext. 3324.

Take Our Kids to Work Day

Watch for details in early in September/October.


Can I register my child's friend? The first 12 spots are reserved for children of HDH staff, physicians and volunteers who submit their registration form by the October 21 deadline. After that we can accept non-relative registrations. We recommend you submit the non-relative registration form at the same time as your child's form. Please note spots often fill up before the deadline so non-relatives may wish to have a back-up plan. If we have space after the deadline for non-relatives we will contact you.

Can I register my grandchild? Yes we will accept grandchildren of staff members. Just make sure both a parent/guardian contact information and your work contact information is provided on the registration form.

How many spots are available? We only accept 12 students (maximun).

How long is the session? Our session is a full day event, from 0830 – 1600 hours on Wednesday, November 2nd 2016.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for arranging drop-off and pick-up of their child at the start and end of the day. A pizza lunch is provided for the students.

What will my child see/do? Participants will be oriented to the hospital and the various career opportunities within health care, participate in inter-active presentations from various health-care professionals and lunch will be provided.

Will my child be photographed? There may be photos taken for the Hospital's newsletter and social media page. There is a section on the registrationform to opt-out if you wish to not have your child captured in photos.

When will I know if my child has a spot? All parents/guardians will receive an email with program agenda and details after October 21. You can always check with Public Relations at extension 2648 if you wish to confirm receipt of registration.

REGISTRATION FORM print, fill-in, sign and return to the Public Relations Department, Sydenham 2 by Friday, October 21, 2016


  1. Beware of computer virus warnings:  A number of fake security warnings are circulating on the internet, which you may see in both the work and home environment when you’re on the computer or using email.  It is critical to examine any virus alert message very carefullyExamples of fake alert messaging you might see and tips on how to keep your computer in the workplace and at home safe.

  2.  Fraudulent Email Warning: HDH and KGH staff have recently received an email  that looks like it comes from the HDH/KGH Help Desk notifying you that your email account is suspended from receiving messages and to “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN USING SECURE ENCRYPTION”.   Information Management will never send staff an email that contains links and that requests users to click and complete a process to ensure continued access to our systems. As always, if you are not expecting an email or you receive an email that asks you to do something you do not normally do, always question the purpose, and contact the HDH Help Desk at ext. 4357 or the sender of the email using independent contact method (not using any details contained within the email) before clicking on any links contained within the email. If Information Management has problems or is making changes to email, there will be prior notification and/or information sent through the “All users” email channel.


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