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Application process

To become a volunteer at the Kingston General Hospital site or Hotel Dieu Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre, you must first complete the application process. Through this process, if we determine that KHSC is a good match to your skills, interests and time availability, we will help you select a placement and will arrange training for you.  

Important Note for Students: while we accept applications year-round, there are special circumstances and application deadlines for some students.  Check the list below to see if you meet any of these restrictions before you start the application process. All others can proceed to Step 1.

  • If you are a post-­secondary student whose commitment is limited to the fall/winter school term or the spring/summer term, click here for application deadline details.
  • If you are in grade 11, 12 or your fifth or returning year, click here for more details.
  • If you would like more information about our summer program for high school students of all grades, click here.  To apply, access the link below for the Youth Summer Volunteer Team.

1) Application and Reference Check Form (two required):


Adults, post-secondary students and senior level high school students (see limitations/deadlines mentioned above): 

Youth Summer Volunteer Team:

  • Click here for the Youth Summer Volunteer Team Application - Deadline to apply and have references submitted is May 10, 2018.  This form is applicable for students who will be registered in high school in September 2018.  It is a joint application for Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital sites of Kingston Health Sciences Centre. 

Students graduating in June 2018 and who are available to volunteer until at least the end of December 2018 can complete a "year-round" volunteer application form above.


Ask your two references to complete this form and submit it directly to Volunteer Services.


All applicants will be invited to attend a Volunteer Information Session.  If you would like to attend a session before you make a decision to apply, click here to register.

2) Information Session/Interview 

Once you have submitted your application form and we have received two confidential references, we will contact you to invite you to attend a Volunteer Information Session/Interview. At this time we can answer your questions and talk about your experience, interests, goals and availability/schedule.

3) Orientation

Following an interview, you will receive an invitation to attend hospital orientation where you will learn about corporate and departmental policies and procedures, including information about safety and security, infection control, confidentiality and privacy.

4) Criminal Reference Check and the vulnerable sector search

Out of respect for the safety of our patients and their families, we ask that you complete a criminal reference check as well as a vulnerable sector search. These can be obtained through the police service that serves the municipality you live in.  If you are asked to provide proof that we require a police records check with the vulnerable sector search as part of our selection process, email the Volunteer Services Coordinator to request a personalized letter. If you have completed a CRC/VSS within three months of your application submission, you do not need to repeat the process. 

The cost of a CRC/VSS is determined by your local police service. Kingston Health Sciences Centre can reimburse  you for this expense after you complete three months of consistent service. To be reimbursed please keep your original receipt. 

5) Health Screening

Following the interview, and prior to confirmation of a program and shift time assignment, you must submit the results of a negative two-­step tuberculosis (TB) test and provide proof of immunization. You will be provided with a medical form that your primary health care provider can complete. We encourage you to investigate no-­cost options for this expense. A request for reimbursement can be submitted after three months of consistent service.​