Board of Directors

Bill and Helen Henderson Board Room
Bill and Helen Henderson Board Room

Board of Directors for 2016-2017

Michael HickeyAs appointed by the Members of the Corporation

  • Michael Hickey, Chair
  • Caroline Manley, Vice Chair (representative of the Archbishop of Kingston)
  • Sherri McCullough, Past Chair
  • Laurie Newport, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Alan Cosford
  • Sister Joan Kalchbrenner
  • Rebecca Lambert
  • Sister Marilyn Larocque
  • Emily Leslie
  • Peter Milliken
  • David Pattenden
  • Gillian Purvis
  • Margaret Shepherd
  • J.A. (Sandy) Wilson

Honorary Board Member:

  • Sister Rosemarie Kugel
  • Sister Joan Kalchbrenner

In addition, the following individuals will serve as voting ex-officio Directors:

  • Dr. Richard Reznick (Representative of the Principal of Queen's University).

Non-voting ex-officio Directors include:

  • Dr. David Pichora (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mike McDonald (Chief of Patient Care/Chief Nursing Executive)
  • Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick (Chief of Staff and Chair, Medical Advisory Committee)
  • Dr. J. Engel (President, Medical Staff)
  • Dr. A. (Sandy) Boag (Vice-President, Medical Staff)

Minutes and Agends for the Board of Directors

Minutes and Agendas for the Board of Directors

2016 Agenda & Minutes

2015 Minutes

Meetings are normally public unless otherwise indicated. Should you wish to observe a meeting of the Board of Directors, please contact Mrs. B. Carty at 613-544-3400 extension 2229 in advance to secure a seat. Open Board Meeting Policy.

Meetings are held at 5pm in the Bill and Helen Henderson Board Room, Sydenham 2 on the last Wednesday of the month. *Meeting date changed.

Standing Committees of the Board 2016-2017

Position & Appointee

  • Chair:  C. Manley
  • Vice-Chair:  E. Leslie
  • Board Members:  D. Pattenden & M. Sheppard
  • Board Chair:  M. Hickey 
  • Le Royer Patrons:  C. Hazell, D. Taylor & M. Dahl 
  • Appointee of the Corporation:  S. McCullough 
  • Medical Staff:  Dr. J. Louw 
  • Member of the Medical Advisor Committee:  Dr. M. Fitzpatrick 
  • CEO or Delegate:  Dr. D. Pichora
  • Chief of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive:   M. McDonald
  • Resources Persons appointed by Cte. or the Board (Non-Voting):  B. Cotman, Sister Shannon
  • Employee of the Hospital who is not a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or the College of Nurses of Ontario:  K. Bright 
  • Chief of Public Relations and Community Engagement (Non-Voting) :  E. Bardon
  • Chief of Quality Management and Organizational Improvement (Non-Voting) :  J. Schweitzer
  • By Invitation (Representatives of Admin.):  S. Miller  
  • Admin Support :  B. Peters

ETHICS, Mission and Values Sub-Committee
Position & Appointee

  • Chair:  E. Leslie 
  • Vice-Chair:  S. McCullough 
  • Board (1): Sister M. Larocque & J. Purvis 
  • Archdiocese Rep.:  C. Manley
  • LeRoyer Patrons (2):  S. Taylor  & C. Hazell 
  • Medical Staff (2): Dr. S. Khalid-Khan & Dr. S. Finch
  • Department of Spiritual Health, Mission and Ethics (1):  M. Matthews (Program Manager)
  • Staff Mission & Values Sponsorship Cte. (1):  TBD
  • CEO or Delegate:  Dr. D. Pichora/E. Bardon
  • Chief of Patient Care or Delegate:  M. McDonald/B. Young
  • Staff Representatives (2):  B. Carty, P. Murray, & K. Bright
  • Admin Support :  L. Flood

Position & Appointee

  • Chair: A. Cosford
  • Vice-Chair:  L. Newport
  • Board: M. Sheppard, R. Lambert P. Milliken, & J.A.Wilson
  • Le Royer Patrons: M. Dahl
  • Appointees of the Corporation: G. Purvis  &.S. McCullough
  • Medical Staff: Dr. R. VanWylick & Dr. Martin tenHove
  • Resources Persons Non-Voting: S. Miller, S. MacInnes, M. McDonald, J. Schweitzer & K. Wells-Pearce
  • By Invitation (Rep. of Administration)
  • Admin Support: L. Flood

Position & Appointee

  • Chair: L. Newport
  • Vice Chair: A. Cosford
  • Board (1):  J.A. Wilson
  • Additional Member of RPC or the Board:  J. Purvis
  • Appointee of the Corporation: R. Lambert
  • Representative of Auditors (2): KPMG
  • Admin Support: B. Carty

Position & Appointee

  • Chair: A. Cosford
  • Vice Chair: D. Pattenden
  • Board: (3) M. Larocque, P. Milliken & M. Hickey (Ex-Officio)
  • Appointee of the Corporation: Vacant
  • Resource Persons: S. McCullough & J. Schweitzer (SLT Support)
  • Admin Support: B. Carty

Position & Appointee

  • Chair, (Past Chair BofD): S. McCullough
  • (Vice Chair, BofD): C. Manley
  • President of the Corp.: Dr. R. Stewart
  • Chair, BofD: M. Hickey
  • Governance Cte Representative: A. Cosford
  • CEO (Non-Voting): Dr. D. Pichora
  • Admin Support: B. Carty

Position & Appointee

  • Chair: M. Hickey
  • Vice Chair: C. Manley
  • Past Chair: S. McCullough
  • President of the Corporation: Dr. R. Stewart
  • Chief Executive Officer (Non-Voting): D. Pichora
  • Resource person if Necessary: Board member– Voting; Admin. person Non-Voting
  • Admin Support: B. Carty