Roles volunteers fill at HDH

Our Volunteers serve in the following areas:

Brockview Cafe

Volunteers in the cafe complete a 2-4 hour shift once a week.  These shifts may be at the cash register, helping replenish supplies, or helping maintain clean and tidy tables for customers. The Brockview Cafe is one of the businesses Volunteer Services operates and all funds raised go back to the hospital for equipment and supplies.  This position requires hours of standing or walking and excellent customer service skills.

Snack Cart

Volunteers work in pairs one shift a week M-F from 9am-11:30am.  These volunteers stock the snack cart and work their way around the hospital clinics offering items for purchase to staff, patients and visitors.  The snack cart is one of the businesses Volunteer Services operates and all funds raised go back to the hospital for equipment and supplies.  This position requires hours of standing, walking, pushing a large cart, and excellent customer service skills.

Brock Boutique

Volunteers in the Brock Boutique (our gift shop) work in pairs one shift a week M-F.  These shifts are 9am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4pm.  Volunteers serve customers, keep supplies replenished and tidy, and operate the cash register and credit card machines.  The Brock Boutique is one of the businesses Volunteer Services operates and all funds raised go back to the hospital for equipment and supplies.  This position requires hours of standing and excellent communication, problem solving, cash handling and customer service skills.

Magazine Service

Volunteers providing magazine service have flexibility in when they volunteer and how many hours.  These volunteers keep the donated magazine area tidy and purge magazines as needed.  They also use a cart to take new magazines to clinics throughout the hospital and rotate or recycle magazines as needed.  This position requires a lot of walking around HDH pushing a small cart.

Children's Outpatient Clinic Playroom (COPC Playroom)

Volunteers in the playroom provide fun and diversional activities for children waiting in the clinic M-F between 9am-4pm.  The shifts are 2 hours in length and the volunteer generally works alone but occasionally in pairs.  Activities, books, toys and movies are available in the playroom area and the volunteer facilitates the children accessing these supplies while they, or a family member, waits for a medical appointment. Volunteers must be outgoing and enjoy children and encouraging play and creativity.

Adult Ambulatory Clinic Ambassadors

Volunteers assist in many of our ambulatory clinics M-F, generally in 2 hour shifts.  Depending on the clinic some of the duties volunteers perform include making appointment reminder calls, assisting patients in registering for their appointment, directing patients to their appointment room/area, encouraging patients participating in fitness programs, assisting patients with information finding or in completing surveys about the care they received.  Depending on the clinic volunteers should be self-motivated, assertive, empathetic, patient and encouraging.

Urgent Care Centre

Volunteers complete 2 hour shifts between 8am-8pm 7 days a week.  Volunteers support staff by restocking supplies, making stretchers ready for patients, sanitizing stretchers and wheelchairs, sitting with patients needing companionship, and providing comfort measures.  This position requires a lot of self-direction, working collaboratively with staff, walking and the physical flexibility to make up stretchers.

Information Desk

Volunteers working the information desk have generally been with Hotel Dieu for some time and are very familiar with the hospital layout, staff, and services offered.  These volunteers assist hundreds of patients and visitors to the hospital each day by providing information, guidance getting to a location, wheelchairs, and arranging staff assistance where required.  Volunteers at the desk work 2-3 hour shifts, one day a week, M-F, and generally work with a partner.  This position requires excellent communication, customer service and problem solving skills, team-work, good hearing, and the ability to sit for hours.

Special Projects

Throughout the year special projects may arise that we need volunteer assistance with for a time limited period.  Some of these projects have included:  the coat drive each winter, the Partners in Mission food blitz, bake sales and assisting patients in completing surveys.

Leadership and Administration Assistance

Volunteers assist in leadership and administrative tasks in various areas and to various degrees at HDH.  Volunteer Services is governed by a Board of Directors and provides many leadership roles as general members, Executive Members, Convenors, and committee members.  Volunteers also play pivotal roles in leadership and policy development at HDH by serving as Patient Experience Advisors.  Volunteers assist with administrative duties in Volunteer Resources helping complete data entry, as mentors to new volunteers, committee members, and through assembly of information packages for various clinics at HDH.