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Located at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, Ininew Patient Services (IPS) is provided in partnership with the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) and funded by First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada.  WAHA is a regional and community-focused organization that administers an integrated health care system in the Weeneebayko Area, encompassing communities along the western coasts of James Bay and Hudson Bay including Moosonee, Moose Factory (Weeneebayko General Hospital), Taykwa Tagamou, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Attawapiskat and Peawanuck.

Ininew Patient Services assists in a continuum of care to Weeneebayko patients and families who are eligible for services under the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB), First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada.

Location - Johnson Wing

If you enter by the main entrance on Brock Street:  Please ask the Volunteers at the Information Desk or Security Officer to call the IPS office at extension 3071.

If you enter by the Johnson Street entrance:  Please go down the stairs in front of you for direct access to the Ininew Patient Services office.

Patient & Escort/Family Care in Kingston

Geaganano Residence-176 Johnson StreetIPS coordinates and supports a wide range of services for patients, families and escorts including:

• Flights:  Eligible patients and families have access to the Kingston-Weeneebayko Charter, a 37-seat aircraft that flies between Kingston and the Weeneebayko Area three times a week, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Departure is 7:30 am from the Central Airways Terminal at Norman Rogers Airport, Kingston.  IPS coordinates the transportation of patients and escorts on the northbound flight, while WAHA NIHB arranges southbound flights.

• Case management:  Case management involves basic counseling, medical and cultural interpretation, patient advocacy and education, admission and discharge planning, liaison services and the transfer of patient information between medical facilities. 

• Accommodation:  Accommodation, supervision and assistance are provided on a 24- hour basis at Geaganano Residence (176 Johnson Street) for outpatients, escorts and inpatients discharged prior to transportation.  Close to downtown Kingston, Geaganano is wheelchair accessible and its treed backyard provides a peaceful and private outdoor space for guests. Local hotels are used to accommodate guests when Geaganano is fully occupied.

• Meals:  On weekdays, meals are provided in the IPS dining room at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  Weekend meals are provided at local restaurants.

• Transportation:  On weekdays, IPS provides local transportation for outpatients, escorts and IPS staff.

Referrals, Appointments & Air Transportation

IPS provides a centralized Referrals and Appointments Program to WAHA that coordinates the following:

• Referrals:  IPS receives, files and forwards referrals for medical services to the closest medical service provider as required by Health Canada.  Patients are referred to Weeneebayko General Hospital first and then—in the following order—to service providers in Timmins, Kingston or other destinations.

• Appointments:  IPS receives appointment notices from medical service providers and then communicates that information to the patient, referring medical facility, Health Canada (for authorization of medical transport) and WAHA NIHB (for coordination of medical transport).

• Transportation:  WAHA NIHB informs the patients of the specifics of their transportation.

Contact IPS

Ininew Patient Services
Hotel Dieu Hospital 166 Brock Street, Kingston, ON K7L 5G2

Patient & Family Services 
Call for Free:    855-544-3340 ext. 3071
Hotel Dieu Hospital:  613-544-3400 ext. 3071

Geaganano Residence:  613-547-5877

Cree Medical Interpreter:  613-548-9995 (beeper)

Referrals and Appointments
Call for Free:    844-356-1178
Direct Dial:    613-549-2684
Hotel Dieu Hospital:  613-544-3400 ext. 3074 or 3086
Fax:     613-544-1698


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