What has the Research Institute been up to over the past year?

Students using slit-lamps

2014 August:

In addition to setting up its own infrastructure with Board and Members' meetings, the Research Institute (RI) has been successfully supporting ambulatory care research at HDH. A project in Bariatric Care, initiated by a Registered Dietitian in our Research Club, has been sponsored by Nestle Canada Inc. for approximately $30,000. This will investigate predictors of diabetes remission in patients who undergo gastric reduction surgery. In May, Kingston Ophthalmic Training Centre (KOTC) students presented their research, guided by the RI, for the first time at Queen's Ophthalmology Research Day. HDH research in clinical neuroscience was showcased in April at a symposium held at the public library. In June, a research staff focus group allowed the RI to gather information about common challenges to research at HDH, which we will seek to overcome.

The RI is here to support your research, from your initial question through to publication. We will help with project development, literature searches, methodology and analysis of results, manuscript writing and submission. Also, we will help complete applications needed for hospital approval (TRAQ forms) and ethics clearance (HSREB applications). Further, if any issues arise during your research, we may be able to assist.