We have been busy with two new labs open & outpatient research moving ahead

Dr. Steve Scott Kin Arm Research

2015 March:

Nearly two years since its incorporation, the Research Institute (RI) continues to support ambulatory care research at HDH. A number of new clinical trials at HDH are in development. Child & Adolescent Mental Health is engaging in Phase II of a project with TELUS Health, which aims to provide patients access to personalized health care through youth-friendly technology. The Department will also take part in a Phase II/III study with SyneuRx International of the safety and efficacy of an add-on treatment for schizophrenia in adolescents.

The Research Institute also notes the recent and upcoming additions of new research-intensive labs at HDH. In November 2014, the RI was pleased to join in the official opening of the Queen's Centre for Neuroscience Studies Clinical Research Lab. The labs will study a wide range of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disease, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, stroke and dyslexia. The new lab is part of a strategy for patient-oriented research in Canada, to better integrate clinical research into patient care. Research in this lab will be led by Dr. Doug Munoz, Dr. Stephen Scott and Dr. James Reynolds, of the Queen's Centre for Neuroscience Studies, and their teams.

Currently, the High-Speed Skeletal Imaging Laboratory is under construction. Research in this lab will be led by Dr. Michael Rainbow, of the Queen's Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and his team. The long-term vision of Dr. Rainbow’s research program is to develop interventions that account for each patient’s anatomy, mechanics and activities. The results of this work will allow development of screening tools to identify those at risk for various overuse injuries and to help develop personalized treatments and preventative strategies.

The RI is here to support your research, from your initial question through to publication. We will help with project development, literature searches, methodology and analysis of results, manuscript writing and submission. Also, we will help complete applications needed for hospital approval (TRAQ forms) and ethics clearance (HSREB applications). Further, if any issues arise during your research, we may be able to assist.