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News from the HDHKRI – May 2018

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated each year on May 20th.  In May 2018, the Hotel Dieu Hospital Kingston Research Institute (HDHKRI) hosted the KHSC Clinical Research Associates Advisory Committee (CRAAC) for a meeting and tour focusing on clinical trial research at the HDH site. CRAAC members learned about the development of clinical trials over recent years, particularly in outpatient care, such as Respirology, Gastrointestinal conditions, Ophthalmology, and Youth Mental Health. Dr. Onofre Moran-Mendoza spoke about his clinical trial research with patients who have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic disease of unknown etiology, characterized by scar tissue (fibrosis) within the lungs. The CRAAC group toured the Human Mobility Research Lab, Skeletal Observation Lab, Clinical Neurosciences Centre, and Ophthalmology Simulation & Teaching Lab, where researchers in each area demonstrated and discussed clinical trials and research. The HDHKRI enjoyed introducing CRAAC members to potential collaboration opportunities, and joining in worldwide recognition of the importance of clinical trials to the development of best practice in patient care.

Construction of the new Skeletal Observation Laboratory at the HDH site is now complete and research is underway.  In this lab, Dr. Michael Rainbow (Queen's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering) uses advanced imaging and modeling techniques to measure the motion of joints in the human body.  In particular, he is able to conduct longitudinal studies of patients with overuse injuries, and ultimately improve treatment plans for these patients.  Funding of nearly $800,000 for construction of the Skeletal Observation Laboratory was obtained from several sources, including the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Queen's University, and Hotel Dieu Hospital prior to its integration into KHSC, as well as donor funds.  The Skeletal Observation Laboratory is situated adjacent to the Human Mobility Research Lab and the Clinical Neurosciences Centre, allowing close interdisciplinary collaborations between clinicians and scientists from health sciences, engineering and computing.