Hotel Dieu Hospital scores top ranking as workplace

Hotel Dieu Hospital has taken top place among Ontario teaching hospitals when it comes to employees rating their organization as a healthy, high-performing workplace.

The results were reported by the National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC), which measured key aspects of employee and physician engagement in the workplace in 45 Ontario hospitals between July 2012 and June 2014.  The NRCC survey captures staff and physician perceptions of the most important aspects of their work environment and factors that enable or hinder them from providing high quality, patient-centred care. 

Among the six Ontario teaching hospitals surveyed, Hotel Dieu was identified as top performer in terms of:

  • staff perception of the workplace, with 91 per cent of employees surveyed ranking the hospital as a “good, very good or excellent place to work” 
  • job satisfaction, with 78.3 per cent of Hotel Dieu respondents giving positive feedback to statements related to being recognized for good work, achieving work-life balance, having time to carry out all work and having clear goals for the job
  • infection control and health & safety, with 91.7 per cent of respondents agreeing the hospital strongly promotes infection control measures such as hand hygiene, and 87.7 per cent responding positively to Hotel Dieu’s processes and policies related to issues such as workplace injuries and workplace violence/harassment.
  • patient care and patient safety, with staff responding positively when asked about issues such as their having the right equipment and materials to give patients the best treatment, involving patients in decisions about their care, having clear standards for safe, quality care and having opportunities to improve patient safety.

“We’re very pleased to be a top-ranked workplace,” says Scott MacInnes, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hotel Dieu.  “Enabling and developing our employees is a key strategic direction for us because we believe that’s the best way to create an excellent care experience for our patients and families.”

“This ranking is wonderful news,” says CEO Dr. David Pichora.  “Being recognized as a great place to work demonstrates our commitment to patients and families and to each other as we continue leading the way in outpatient care in our region.”

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