Changes to follow-up

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The Ontario Bariatric Network (OBN) has recently made changes to the way post-operative bariatric patients will be followed.

For several years, Bariatric Centres of Excellence and Bariatric Assessment and Treatment Centres across Ontario have followed post-surgical patients for up to 5 years post-operatively. These patients are then transferred back to their primary care physicians for all bariatric-related care.

As patients continue to fill bariatric clinic sites, the OBN has identified a need to transfer care back the primary care physician at an earlier time.

As of April 1, 2017, all newly referred patients for bariatric surgery will be assessed at their 1 year post-operative visit to determine best course of care. For some patients, this means that 1 year following a bariatric surgery, the patient will be discharged from the bariatric clinic. Primary care physicians will then be responsible for consults, follow-up and related referrals to offer support to the post-surgical patient on their journeys post-operatively. For other patients, the bariatric clinic may offer continued supports depending on surgical-related health concerns up to a maximum of 5 years post-op.

The Kingston Bariatric Centre of Excellence is currently developing resources to support physicians and other community health professionals as this transition continues.

If you were referred to a bariatric clinic before April 1, 2017 or you have had bariatric surgery in Ontario prior to this date, you will continue to be followed by your Bariatric Clinic until a discharge following your 5th year.