Volunteer retailers donate back to the hospital
Active high school program offered over the summer months
Opportunity to work with our youngst patients
Rewarding experiences working with a team and building skills

Volunteers have been an integral part of Hotel Dieu Hospital for more than 100 years. Today, everyone continues to work diligently to make our hospital the friendly, accessible and efficient ambulatory care centre that it is. Volunteers make a significant contribution to the hospital, in terms of the time they give, the talents they share, and the donations they help to generate.  Funds raised by volunteers are used to purchase much-needed equipment, supplies, and comforts for patients and visitors to HDH.

What is Hotel Dieu Hospital today?

Hotel Dieu Hospital is the ambulatory care site of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre.  We provide specialized care that may include a scheduled visit to one or more hospital clinics, diagnostic or procedural areas. In some cases, a single health care professional, for example a surgeon or internal medicine physician, may see patients in a clinic setting. Increasingly, however, patients and families receive care in a team-based, inter-professional program such as our pre-surgical screening, diabetes, breast assessment, bariatric, chronic pain or cardiac rehabilitation programs. Ambulatory care includes care for patients with urgent and less critical emergency problems in our Urgent Care Centre.

Hotel Dieu has a very active ambulatory surgery program where most patients return home the same day. We also have a short-stay post-anesthetic care unit that supports patients who need extended time for pain control and rehabilitation therapy. Apart from this short-stay unit we have no other overnight beds.

Hotel Dieu is a faith-based, academic hospital where research and learning take place every day and where we are committed to partnership with patients and families. We actively engage in implementing innovative models of care that support patient care, as well as regional and academic health care needs. Affiliated with Queen’s University, we serve as a major teaching location for learners from across the Faculty of Health Sciences, including medical, nursing and allied health learners. And research at Hotel Dieu contributes to the growing field of knowledge about health care and ambulatory care in Canada and beyond.

Our Volunteers are an integral part of our community. Everyone works diligently every day to make Hotel Dieu a friendly and warm setting to receive care. Volunteers make a significant contribution to the hospital, both in terms of time and talents given, care and compassion offered, and monetary donations. The funds raised by volunteers are used to purchase much-needed equipment and comforts for patients and visitors.

The Mission of Hotel Dieu Hospital

The Mission of Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is to make visible the compassionate healing presence of God to all persons.  We share in this Mission by being a caring and just community.  This is expressed through the pursuit of excellence in health service, education and research.

Leading the transformation of ambulatory care.

Dignity of the Human Person, Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Excellence.
As a community of equals we gather in our diversity as employees, learners, physicians, volunteers, members of the board of directors and sponsors to further the Mission of compassionate healing within the Roman Catholic tradition and culture.  We share values centred on:

  • Dignity of the human person – recognizes that we respect the intrinsic goodness, worth, spirituality and equality of every person.
  • Compassion – is a felt experience that allows one to stand by and support others; it is a gentleness that moves us deeply to enter into places of pain and to share in brokenness, fear, confusion and anguish
  • Justice – to render to everyone their due, which may be a share of the common good, as well as respect, fair wage and fair working conditions. Justice speaks to action and risk necessary to change attitudes and structures for the common good.
  • Integrity – speaks to the quality of a person or an organization where consistency of character is shown by honesty, truthfulness, respect for values and ethics, transparency and authentic behaviour, which are all lived through accountability and stewardship.
  • Excellence – to strive to bring quality to all undertakings related to performance of one’s role, work and interactions with others.

The History of Hotel Dieu Hospital ~ Hotel Dieu means “House of God”

Our roots are in France.  In 1636 Jerome le Royer de la Dauversiere had a vision and created a congregation of religious women called Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph (RHSJ).  In the mid-1600’s Jeanne Mance, Marguerite Bourgeoys and three RHSJ arrived in Ville-Marie (Montreal) to help build a hospital.  The first lay nurse in North America, Jeanne Mance became the first administrator of Hotel Dieu in Montreal.  In the early 1840’s the Bishop of Kingston wrote to the Bishop of Montreal and asked for Sisters to come to Kingston to establish a hospital.  In 1845 Sister Amable Bourbonniere and three Sisters arrived in Kingston with very little other than a clear mission.   They devoted their lives to God and cared for the sick and needy out of love for God and His people. The first patient was admitted at Hotel Dieu of Kingston in 1845.

The original hospital was located in the stone buildings on Brock Street; in 1892 the Sisters expanded to the current site. Over the years, the RHSJ and other staff at Hotel Dieu have cared for victims of epidemics, orphans, soldiers home from war, and sick and injured members of the community.

Today, the hospital’s Spiritual Health department supports the spiritual health of patients, families and staff. They also help to ensure that our mission, values and Catholic identity are made visible throughout our organization.  Only a few Sisters are still present at Hotel Dieu today; however, they have entrusted each of us to carry on their mission. Formal sponsorship of Hotel Dieu now rests with Catholic Health International, whose mission is to ensure the presence of Catholic values in its member Corporations.