Hand Hygiene Compliance

At Kingston Health Sciences Centre between April 2017 - March 2018 there were 5,519 observed opportunities with compliance for

  • Moment 1 (before patient contact) at 91% 
  • Moment 4 (after patient contact) compliance at 90%.

We report our rate of hand hygiene compliance among health-care providers annually via our website. The rate is posted at the end of April.

Hand hygiene is an important practice for health-care providers but also involves everyone in the hospital, including patients, families and visitors. Effective hand hygiene practices in hospitals play a key role in improving patient and provider safety, and in preventing the spread of health care-associated infections.

Hand hygiene compliance is monitored in all patient care areas throughout KGH. Compliance is measured by auditing (direct observation) health care workers in the course of their duties. Rates are calculated by taking the number of times hand hygiene was performed before initial patient or patient environment contact and after patient or patient environment contact and dividing by the number of observed hand hygiene indications for that specific indication. The results are multiplied by 100. This calculation represents the percentage compliance rate for hand hygiene for the reporting facility. Like many Ontario hospitals, we have implemented the provincial Just Clean Your Hands campaign to help drive increased compliance. Since the release of compliance rates for observations for the 2009/2010 fiscal year, our compliance has jumped to over 70 per cent overall.

The collection and public reporting of these rates will allow hospitals to establish a baseline from which to track their hand hygiene improvement over time. Hospitals will use this information to identify areas for improvement and strategies for reducing the incidence of health-care-associated infections.

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