Personal Information Bank (PIB)

A personal information bank is a collection of personal information that is organized and capable of being retrieved by an individual’s name or other individual identifier, such as an employee number.
Each Personal Information Bank includes the following elements:

  • name and location of the personal information bank
  • legal authority for its establishment
  • types of personal information maintained in it
  • how the personal information is used on a regular basis
  • to whom the personal information is disclosed on a regular basis
  • categories of individuals about whom personal information is maintained
  • policies and practices applicable to the retention and disposal of the personal information.

PIB last reviewed March 2017


Clinical & Medical Administration:

  • Credentialing Records: RN, RPN, Allied Health
  • Departmental Assistants Files
  • Nursing Advanced Competencies Authorization, Delegated Controlled Acts and Medical Directives
  • Nursing Scholarship Awards
  • Physician Confidential Issues Files
  • Physicians Credentials
  • Registered Nurses (EC) Nurse Practitioners Files

Communications & Public Relations:

  • Images
  • Mailing List
  • Photograph/Videotape/Interview Consent Forms


  • Board of Directors Membership
  • Le Royer Patrons Membership

Human Resources/Occupational Health, Safety and Infection Control:

  • Disability Claims Management
  • Employee Files (Current)
  • Employee Health Records
  • Grievance Settlements
  • Retired Employee Files
  • Terminated Employee Files
  • Volunteer Records

Operations & Administration:

  •  Accounts Payable (SAP)
  • Call Dispatch Record Database (ARIS – CAD)
  • GuardCard
  • IXO Reports
  • Learning Management System (LMS/E-Learning Central)
  • Med2020 WinRecs
  • MediAR Patient Billing System (Lawson Healthvision)
  • Patient Care System
  • Parking Permits
  • Release of Information (ROI) Log

Patient Care:

Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and VNG:

  • Cleft Palate Program
  • Hearing Aid Dispensary Case Files

Child Development Centre:

  • CHRIS (Client Health and Related Health Information System) Health Partner Gateway
  • School Health Clients

Detoxification Centre:

  • Client Files

Mental Health: Early Intervention in Psychosis

  • CRMS (OCAN) Database

Ontario Breast Screening Program

  • ICMS (Integrated Client Management Service)


  • Visupac (Database)
  • Peri-data (Database)
  • Cirrus HD-OCT viewing software (Database)

Ininew Patient Services (formerly Weeneebayko)

  • Weeneebayko Patient Services System

Patient Safety & Quality:

  • Claims
  • Feedback Monitor Pro/Patient Relations Database
  • SAFE Reporting/Unusual Occurrences (UOT)
  • RCA/Case Review Database


  • Clinical Researchers Data Files