Ophthalmology Clinic

Clinic Locations:

There are three clinic locations within the hospital. 

  • Mary Alice Clinic: Level 1 which is through the main entrance on Brock Street proceed straight ahead towards the Gift Shop, turn to your right and proceed up the ramp to the registration desk.
  • Research & Low Vision Rehabilitation on Johnson 2: which is through the main entrance on Brock Street take the main elevators up to level 2, off the elevators turn right and right again, follow hallway take your first right and Research area is midway down the hallway.
  • Johnson 6 Clinic: which is through the main entrance on Brock Street take main elevators up the level 6 off the elevator turn right and right again proceed down the hallway to the registration desk. 

Services We Offer

Emergency Eye Clinic

Bill Payment

Occasionally patients are billed for services. When this happens patients are notified in advance. For more details on how to pay a bill visit our Services & Amenities page.

Visit the Department of Ophthalmology, Queen's University to learn more.

Please bring:

  • your appointment slip
  • Health Insurance (OHIP) Card
  • a complete and up-to-date list of medications provided by your pharmacist OR all medications in their original drugstore container, insulin, inhalers, prescribed creams, eye drops and non-prescription medications such as herbals and vitamins
  • a family member or friend for support or personal assistance; if you wish, this person may attend your clinic visit with you
  • a snack in case your clinic appointment is delayed.

To check your appointment time, re-schedule your appointment or cancel your appointment call:

  • the number on your appointment slip or if you have lost your appointment slip call
  • Local: 613-548-2342
  • Toll-Free: 1-855-851-3490

For tips on your visit to Hotel Dieu Hospital see our Patient, Families & Visitors page

Patients must be referred to this service by a physician/healthcare professional.