What we do. Your first Visit.

The Diabetes Education & Management Centre (DEMC) provides you with a wealth of experience in the treatment and management of diabetes. All of our nurses and dietitians are Certified Diabetes Educators, which means they have passed a special exam indicating an advanced level of knowledge in teaching people how to handle their diabetes. Together, you and your Diabetes Educator will decide on a plan to better manage your diabetes. The DEMC staff member will also contact your doctor with recommendations for next steps in treatment.

All of the equipment (glucose meters, written literature, insulin pens) will be provided to you at the DEMC, with the necessary instruction and follow up. You will leave confident and prepared to face diabetes. And you will return (you can also phone or email) as often as necessary until you feel comfortable managing on your own. And the door is always open.

What can you expect at your first visit?

The Diabetes Education & Management Centre (DEMC) is located on Centenary 2 in Hotel Dieu Hospital. The easiest entrance is from Sydenham Street, through the doors, turn right, and keep going down that hallway. The Waiting Room where you will check in is room number 257B. If you enter the hospital at the main entrance on Brock Street, ask our Information Desk volunteers for directions.

The secretary will register you, and the DEMC staff member will come to the waiting room when they are ready to see you. Your appointment will be up to one hour in length. Your appointment will be with a Diabetes Nurse Educator, a Registered Dietitian, or a Social Worker.

If you test blood glucose (sugar) levels, please bring your blood sugar record book and glucose meter. If you do not yet have a glucose meter one will be provided to you at this appointment (no cost), and you will be shown how to use it.

Please bring your list of medications, or all of your medications in their original bottles. Remember to tell us about any herbal supplements that you may be taking.

If you are seeing a Registered Dietitian it is very helpful to also bring a three day food diary. For an example of what to include follow this link to our Three Day Food Diary.

You may walk in feeling that diabetes is in the driver's seat. By the time you leave, we hope that diabetes is in the back seat, and you are in charge.