Education Sessions for CRC

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) education sessions give clients information on heart health and healthy living. The sessions are held in the Johnson 1 Auditorium and led by members of the CRC team.

To get the most benefit from the CRC program, it is important to attend each session. Participants may start coming to sessions at any time, as the schedule repeats throughout the year. Also, new clients should make use of the sessions while waiting for their start date. Handouts will be provided and clients may ask any questions they have. Friends and family are welcome to attend.

Education Session Schedule

Feb 5 1-2:30 Nutrition
Fat-Friend or Foe?
Auditorium-Johnson 1

Feb 12 1-2:30 Nutrition
Making Sense of Sugar
Auditorium-Johnson 1

Feb 19 1-2:30 Nutrition
Salt & the Fine Art of Label Reading
Auditorium-Johnson 1

Feb 26 11-12:30 Stress
Recognize & Manage Stress
Auditorium-Johnson 1

March 5 11-12:30 Stress
Making a Change 
Auditorium-Johnson 1

March 12 11-12:30 Stress
Personal Wellness Plan 
Auditorium-Johnson 1


March 26 1-2:30 Exercise 1
How to get FITT 
Auditorium- Johnson 1

April 2 1-2:30 Exercise 2
Auditorium–Johnson 1

You & Your Medications

This session covers common medications prescribed to clients of the CRC as well as selected over-the-counter medications and herbal products. The pharmacist will explain what they are used for and things to watch for while taking them. Feel free to bring your pills, and any questions you may have.

The Heart: Plumbing and Electrical

Come and learn about the heart and blood vessels. This session describes the normal functioning of the heart, what can go wrong, and how the body responds to heart disease.

Stress Education Sessions

Stress1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Stress is a normal part of life. This session teaches you how to recognize stress and its effects on your health. You will learn the difference between daily, acute and chronic stress and your body’s responses to them. Learn what triggers your stress and the importance of lifestyle factors such as sleep.

Stress 2: Inspiration for Change
In this session motivation and inspiration for creating change and strategies for stress reduction are discussed. You will learn about goal setting and possible challenges you may face in the process. Community resources such as urban poling are also introduced.

Stress 3: Breathing – AHHHHH
Come and learn about how to reduce stress using guided imagery, relaxation and exercise. You will be led through deep breathing activities and learn ways to cope with daily challenges.

Nutrition Sessions

Fat-Friend or Foe?
In this session the different types of fat and the effects they have on health are discussed. Learn about cholesterol and how you can improve your risk for heart disease with proper diet and lifestyle. Body weight, composition, and weight loss will also be discussed along with tools to achieve your ‘Best Weight’.
Making Sense of Sugar
Sugar? Sweeteners? Carbs? What are they and how do they impact heart health and body weight? Learn about which types of carbohydrates are best for activity, reducing your risk for diabetes, or managing current diabetes. We also discuss the current guidelines for alcohol, added sugars, and fibre intake.
Salt & the Fine Art of Label Reading
Explore what salt is, its effect on blood pressure, and where it is hidden in food. Learn about label reading and simple switches in your diet to reduce salt. We will examine what drives our appetite, the risk for over eating and tips to maintain your healthy eating goals.

Exercise Sessions

Exercise 1
This first session explains the difference between activity and exercise. The risks and benefits of exercise will be examined. You will also learn to develop your own personal fitness plan using the FITT Principle.

Exercise 2
The second exercise sessions provides information on how to measure physical activity and the importance of rest. Important factors for exercising are discussed such as dressing for the weather, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep.