Breast Reconstruction Program

Women who have surgery to treat their breast cancer may choose breast reconstruction to rebuild the shape and look of the breast. 

With the support of the South East Regional Cancer Program and in partnership with Queen’s University, Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital have recruited plastic surgeon and reconstruction specialist Dr. Glykeria Martou to help build a regional breast reconstruction program. The hospitals have also established reconstruction clinics where breast cancer patients can find out more about their options and decide on an individualized surgical treatment plan.

How to be referred to the breast reconstruction program

Different types of breast reconstruction are available for women who have had or will have surgery for breast cancer. When deciding what is best for you, talk with your doctors to discuss your options. You will need a physician, oncologist or surgeon referral to be seen by a reconstruction specialist. 

There are many reconstruction options but generally patients fall into two pathways: either immediate or delayed surgery:

  • If you will be having breast cancer surgery:
    Immediate reconstruction takes place at the same time as your breast cancer surgery. 
    Ask your physician to FAX a referral to the Kingston General Hospital office of Dr. Jay Engel or Dr. Shaila Merchant at 613-548-2500.  

  • If you have already had breast cancer surgery:
    Delayed reconstruction takes place after surgery and related treatments, even if it has been a while since your mastectomy. 
    Ask your physician to FAX a referral to the Hotel Dieu Hospital office of Dr. Glykeria Martou at 613-544-3709.