French Language Services

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The City of Kingston has been “designated” under the French Language Services Act (1986), which means that all provincial ministry offices must be able to provide their services in French.

Because of this designation, Kingston hospitals, including Hotel Dieu Hospital, have been “identified” as organizations that must develop a plan to provide services in both official languages. This plan allows us to work towards designation status. which signals that people can receive services in French and that Hotel Dieu is committed to providing services in French on a permanent basis.  It is anticipated that it will take several years before we have completed the necessary steps to apply for designation.

Our French-language implementation plan

The hospital is well on track with its French Language Services (FLS) Implementation Plan.  Accomplishments to date include installing new bilingual signage; implementing a fully automated bilingual Switchboard; translating patient education and corporate materials; revising and developing hospital policies to address issues such as the recruitment, hiring and staffing of bilingual personnel; assessing and developing the French language skills of current staff and volunteers; and hosting a fully French-language community engagement event, where participants learned about our FLS implementation plan and heard from a French-speaking clinician.

The graph below provides a status update for FLS implementation in local organizations working towards full designation as FLS providers.  Hotel Dieu Hospital’s 2016-2017 Quality Improvement Plant has set a target of increasing the percentage of items underway from 50 per cent to 60 per cent:

Designation process-Implementation status update March 2015

Our goal in this work is to help ensure that Francophone patients and families feel comfortable in our hospital and understand that we are committed to improving access to French language services.

For more information about French Language Services, please see the following Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs (English)

FAQs (French)