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Customer Service Standards Policy

Our Customer Service Standard Policy provides an overview of the ways in which Hotel Dieu Hospital strives to give people living with disabilities the same opportunity to access our goods and services and to ensure they benefit from the same service, in the same place and in a similar way as other individuals.

Service Animals

Guide dogs and other Service animals may accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the hospital except where excluded by law or where there is a significant risk to a staff person or member of the public (e.g., identified risk of severe allergic reaction).

The person requiring the Guide dog or Service animal may be asked to provide a letter from a physician or nurse, or documentation from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office confirming the need for a Guide dog or Service animal.  Prior to a clinic visit (whenever possible), the person requiring the Guide dog or Service animal will be encouraged to discuss with staff his/her necessary support arrangements.

Guide dogs and other Service animals are not permitted where sterile procedures occur in accordance with the Health Promotion and Protection Act.

The care of the Guide dog or Service animal is the responsibility of the owner.  If it becomes necessary to separate the Guide dog or Service animal from its owner, staff will make all reasonable efforts to help facilitate the transfer of the animal to a designated person.

Personal Assistive Devices

Hotel Dieu Hospital will respect and accommodate the right of the individual to use a personal assistive device while accessing goods and services provided by the hospital.

A patient’s assistive device(s) will remain with the patient at ALL times except where there is a requirement for exclusion of said device:

  • due to infection control risk
  • due to risk of harm to the device and/or individuals


Managers and staff will work with the person with the assistive device to arrange for alternative support in the event the communication device is unable to stay with the patient.

Support Persons

Support persons may accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the hospital except where excluded by law.  Where a support person is excluded by law, Hotel Dieu Hospital will accommodate alternative ways for the person with disabilities to access our goods and services.

Staff will inform the person with a disability of areas where the presence of a support
person is not allowed prior to their arrival (where possible) and will develop an accessibility plan with the individual identifying alternate support arrangements.

Language Services

Hotel Dieu Hospital uses a telephone interpretation service that provides rapid access to almost 100 languages 24 hours/day, every day of the year.   When you come for an appointment or if you need to speak on the phone with us, we can immediately connect with a professional translator to ensure you receive the information you need quickly and accurately.   You do not need to make arrangements ahead of time. 

In some circumstances we can also arrange for an interpreter to be on site for face-to-face interpretation.  This would occur when telephone interpretation would be difficult (for example, if the patient has hearing loss) or when the length or complexity of your hospital visit means you would be better served by a translator on site.  If you need a professional interpreter on site please call the hospital main number (613-544-3310 or toll-free at 1-855-544-3400) and tell the Switchboard Operator that you need an interpreter to attend your clinic visit.  Tell the Operator the location and date of your clinic (from your appointment slip). The Operator will connect you with the appropriate clinic, which will make the necessary arrangements.

We will cover the cost of a sign language interpreter for patients who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. Please provide office or clinic staff with plenty of notice if you need a sign language interpreter. Or you can make your arrangements by calling the Canadian Hearing Society at 1-855-656-3748; hours are 8 – 8 Mon to Thurs and 8 – 5 on Friday. The hospital can directly reimburse the sign language interpreter.


Wheelchairs are located at the main Brock Street entrance. You can arrange to use a wheelchair by speaking with a Security Officer at the main entrance or with a Volunteer at the Information Desk located just inside the main doors.