At Hotel Dieu Hospital we strive to provide accessible care in a way that honours the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.  We are committed to ensuring that patients, families and staff have an equal opportunity to obtain, use and benefit from our programs and services.  Our hospital Accessibility Plan sets out the many ways in which we are working to make our organization accessible to our community, including training care providers, providing for communication supports, arranging for documents in accessible formats, addressing infrastructure requirements and more.

Visitors with Disabilities

If you are coming to Hotel Dieu Hospital and have any special needs, please take note of the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How can I access a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are located at the main Brock Street entrance. You can arrange to use a wheelchair by speaking with someone at the nearby Information Desk.

Where are the accessible entrances?

Map of Wheelchair Accessible Entrances (pdf file)

Main hospital building:

All hospital clinics are wheelchair accessible. All entrances are wheelchair accessible except Sydenham St. (2nd floor) and Johnson St. A ramp is also available at the main entrance (Brock St.). Wheelchair-accessible washrooms are available in most clinic areas. Only two washrooms have power door operators—one in the main lobby and a special-needs washroom in the KidsInclusive Centre for Child & Youth Development (Jeanne Mance 1). The special-needs washroom also provides access to a full-size, height-adjustable change table, power-operated lift, hands-free sink and soap dispenser, and ample room for both user and caregiver. The Brockview Café, Gift Shop and Chapel are all wheelchair accessible.

Murray Building (Ear, Nose & Throat):

This building has automatic doors and elevator at its 144 Brock Street entrance beside the Urgent Care Centre. It is also accessible via the main hospital entrance.

Kingston Access Bus:

This service is available to individuals who, due to a physical mobility impairment, cannot use a Kingston Transit bus and meet the eligibility criteria. You need to register for the service. For details, please call 613-542-2512. The Access bus drops patients near the Urgent Care Centre. From here you can access the main entrance via the hospital’s front ramp or use the nearby “shuttle” entrance, which takes you to the hospital’s main elevators.

Who do I contact about a patient escort?

Our Portering staff can escort patients with special needs. Please provide clinic staff with as much advance notice as possible to ensure staff are available when you arrive.

Is there support for patients with hearing impairment?

Pocket Talkers (a personal amplifier consisting of a microphone and headset) are are available. If possible, please inform clinic staff in advance if you will require an assistive listening device. They will make the necessary arrangements.

How do I access a Sign Language interpreter?

We will cover the cost of a sign language interpreter for patients who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. Please provide office or clinic staff with plenty of notice if you need a sign language interpreter. Or you can make your arrangements by calling the Canadian Hearing Society at 1-855-656-3748; hours are 8 – 8 Mon to Thurs and 8 – 5 on Friday. The hospital can directly reimburse the sign language interpreter.

If English is not my first language, how do I arrange for an interpreter?

Hotel Dieu Hospital uses a telephone interpretation service that provides rapid access to almost 100 languages 24 hours/day, every day of the year.   When you come for an appointment or if you need to speak on the phone with us, we can immediately connect with a professional translator to ensure you receive the information you need quickly and accurately.   You do not need to make arrangements ahead of time. 

In some circumstances we can also arrange for an interpreter to be on site for face-to-face interpretation.  This would occur when telephone interpretation would be difficult (for example, if the patient has hearing loss) or when the length or complexity of your hospital visit means you would be better served by a translator on site.  If you need a professional interpreter on site please call the hospital main number (613-544-3310 or toll-free at 1-855-544-3400) and tell the Switchboard Operator that you need an interpreter to attend your clinic visit.  Tell the Operator the location and date of your clinic (from your appointment slip). The Operator will connect you with the appropriate clinic, which will make the necessary arrangements.


How does the hospital support patients with a visual impairment?

At Hotel Dieu, audible signals are featured in the three main elevators as well as Braille numbers on the control panels. Tactile numerals are also provided on the hall frames at each level.

How can I obtain hospital information and communication in an accessible format?

Hotel Dieu Hospital is committed to providing information and communication in an accessible manner when requested by people with disabilities.  This can include:
•    reading written information to a person directly
•    formatting electronic documents to be accessible for use with a screen reader
•    providing handwritten notes instead of spoken words
•    providing text transcripts of audio or visual information
•    using plain language
•    making documents available in large print.

If you need assistance obtaining information in an accessible format or with communication supports, please contact:

Facilities Management
Accessibility Office
613-544-3310, ext. 3031