Important information regarding name change to Weeneebayko Patient Services at Hotel Dieu Hospital


For over 30 years, Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB), the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) and Hotel Dieu Hospital have worked collaboratively to provide Weeneebayko Patient Services (WPS) in Kingston. In April 2013, WPS expanded its Kingston-centred role to include processing all medical referrals for WAHA clients.  This includes receiving medical appointments that have been booked by medical specialists and advising patients of the appointment details.  

WAHA, Health Canada and Hotel Dieu Hospital are writing to announce that Weeneebayko Patient Services in Kingston has been renamed Ininew Patient Services, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston. The name change is effective immediately.   The scope of services and functions of Ininew Patient Services remains the same as those provided under the previous name of Weeneebayko Patient Services.  The name change aims to provide better distinction between the role of Ininew Patient Services and services provided by WAHA.

WAHA, Health Canada and Hotel Dieu Hospital remain committed to working together to provide quality service to our clients and to address the unique health priorities of the people of the Weeneebayko area. 

Lori Doran
A/Regional Executive
First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Health Canada

Dr. David Pichora    
Hotel Dieu Hospital

Bernie D. Schmidt
Weeneebayko Area Health Authority


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