Hotel Dieu Hospital applauds staff for going the extra mile in delivering excellent service

J. Sawyer, Dr. Jones, B. Hulme winners of Mission AwardToday, Hotel Dieu Hospital celebrated its 800-plus employees and 200-plus volunteers, and it turned the spotlight on a handful of staff whose contributions reflect the high levels of expertise and sense of mission practiced every day by all hospital employees.

The employees honoured today epitomize the culture and spirit of excellence in our hospital and in Catholic health care generally, said Board Chair Michael Hickey Pichora at the recognition ceremony.

“They exemplify all Hotel Dieu staff who provide excellent care and service year in and year out,” he said, “Regardless of their role, they do an outstanding job of living the hospital’s mission.”

Those honoured with 2015 Hotel Dieu Mission Awards included:

Brendan Hulme:  After just 2 years as our Maintenance Manager, Brendan has made quite an impact at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  He has a gift for explaining any problem clearly, patiently and with an eye to a solution that works for all.  Unfailingly approachable,  he is a hands-on manager who is constantly checking with his staff to close the loop on a job, whether a day-to-day work order or a bigger task such as the installation of a new boiler system  for the hospital.  And his actions have been commended by fellow staff through the hospital’s Mission Moments recognition program—everything from taking time at the end of a busy day to personally escort a patient to the right office to staying on site overnight to facilitate the repair of a ventilation system so the ORs could run smoothly the next day. 

Janine Schweitzer:  Janine is the epitome of dedication, an HDH employee who has willingly taken on numerous roles through her many years at Hotel Dieu.  As member of the Senior Leadership Team her current portfolios include patient and staff safety; quality improvement; patient relations; risk management; and education and organizational development.  It is work that touches us every single one of us, every day.  Most recently, her expertise, perseverance and hard work led Hotel Dieu to its highest award yet from Accreditation Canada—Accreditation with Exemplary Standing.  Janine spent countless hours preparing and motivating staff for accreditation.  And despite a few curve balls—the last-minute crash of some key online resources, for example—she steered us to an excellent result.  Janine is a passionate employee who demonstrates her dedication each and every day, always with the goal of improving the delivery of patient and family-centred care. 

Jennifer Sawyer:  On a daily basis, Jennifer is known for going above and beyond her duties to address very complex and delicate situations in her role as Quality Improvement & Patient Relations Specialist.  She clearly embraces Patient and Family-Centred Care, and works tirelessly to meet patient needs and enhance the quality of patient care.  Take, for example, the time she was called to help a particularly distressed young person.  Jennifer immediately reached out to colleagues in several departments to pinpoint the best resources and means to help the patient; personally met with the youth to provide firsthand support;  and then walked him to the service providers she had lined up.  To an outsider this all appeared seamless but in fact reflected exceptional interpersonal skills, a deep knowledge of Hotel Dieu and strong working relationships.  It was all typical of Jennifer.  In her Patient Relations role, she is no stranger to complex issues that often involve frustrated or unhappy individuals.  But that is when she shines the most—always positive, committed to finding a solution and striving to provide the best care possible. 

Dr. Edmund JonesA well-known otolaryngologist in our ENT clinic, Dr. Jones is highly respected by staff and colleagues for his compassion, unwavering commitment to patients and willingness to jump in whenever an extra hand is needed.  He thinks of his patients first and foremost.  Even when not on call, he responds to his patients’ needs, especially if they are experiencing a medical crisis such as the need for emergency surgery.  His patients praise him up and down—saying he always has time for them, is a wonderful listener and has an astounding memory.  He easily recalls even the smallest details of a case—no wonder patients and families feel they are in remarkable hands.  His fellow clinicians also deeply appreciate his professionalism and dedication and know that if they need assistance with a clinic, then Dr. Jones is ready and willing to support them.  Staff love him for his supply of fascinating factoids on all manner of subjects and also for his sense of humour, which keeps everyone smiling even on the busiest clinic day.  They see him as a kind, gentle soul who is quiet but who sure packs a punch when it comes to his patients. 

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