Best nursing practices spotlighted as Hotel Dieu Hospital kicks off 2013 Nursing Week

(Kingston, ON, May 6, 2013) To kick off its 2013 Nursing Week celebrations, Hotel Dieu Hospital today spotlighted its progress in an initiative aimed at translating internationally-recognized nursing best practices into the clinical practice of nurses and other health care professionals across the hospital.

Hotel Dieu is in the process of implementing and evaluating five Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs)—all developed by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO)—as part of its participation in the Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO®) program, a partnership with the RNAO that focuses on improving patient outcomes.

At the morning media conference the hospital highlighted work being done on best practices related to reducing foot complications in people with diabetes, a key tool for clinicians in the hospital’s busy Diabetes Education & Management Centre (DEMC).

“We see about 2000 people with diabetes in our program and we know the incidence of the disease is only increasing in this region,” said Nancy Benn, a diabetes nurse educator charged with turning the foot care guideline into front-line practice.

“With this disease comes damage to blood vessels and nerves, which can lead to lower extremity amputation. Taking care of your feet is critical if you have diabetes.”

Benn said the BPG on reducing foot complications is giving the DEMC team of nurse educators and dietitians an opportunity to thoroughly review current practices around foot assessment for both adult and pediatric patients. The entire team has received additional training in foot risk assessment, and is working to revise how it documents foot complications and at providing additional community resources for patients. “Implementing this guideline is really helping us to help patients better manage a chronic condition with serious implications for quality of life,” said Benn. In addition, interprofessional teams at Hotel Dieu are implementing best practices in managing foot ulcers in people with diabetes, client-centred care, preventing falls and related injuries, assessing and managing pain, collaborative practice among teams and professionalism.

“All of these practice guidelines were chosen because they’ll have the greatest impact on patients and families,” said Mike McDonald, Chief of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive.

“They’re based on the best evidence and research. Integrating that evidence into practice will help us to ensure better outcomes for our patients and to build a culture of excellence at Hotel Dieu Hospital.”

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