Awards honour staff for deeply living the HDH Mission

It was standing room only at the 2019 HDH Mission Award ceremony on November 6 as we paused to celebrate individuals and teams who exemplify the HDH Mission and Values in the way they care for patients, families and each other.

Two awards were announced in the HDH Chapel, each named for key players in the history and Mission of the HDH site:  the Jeanne Mance Award, which recognizes individual achievement in living the HDH Mission, and the Jerome Le Royer Award, which honours teams who embody a strong spirit of collaboration.

Jeanne Mance Award recipient:  Janine Schweitzer

The recipient of the 2019 Jeanne Mance Award is Janine Schweitzer, Director of Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management at Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

Janine was praised for her ability to listen to patients and families, for speaking up for those who couldn’t speak for themselves and for always striving to find ways to create an environment that provides excellent health care.  However challenging the circumstances, read her citation, she makes it a priority to ensure that everyone involved is treated justly, respectfully and compassionately.                                                                                                                                                           

She was also recognized for spreading Jeanne Mance’s spirit across our organization, especially to her immediate team who report that everything they do is underlined by Janine’s guiding principle:  always act with the voice of the patient or loved one in your ear.

And as a leader, she was described as attentive, non-judgmental and caring, and deeply valued for her integrity.  In the words of one nominator:  “She is a wise and generous mentor who has been instrumental in helping to shape the culture of KHSC.”

Janine’s fellow nominees for the Jeanne Mance Award included:  Nicholas Axas (Mental Health & Addiction Services, Telemedicine Services & Social Work); Tricia Barrett (Mental Health Program, Adult Eating Disorders Program); Sandra Mahoney (Adult Mental Health); Cassandra Millen (Child & Youth Mental Health Program - Eating Disorders Clinic); Leanne Repetti (Child & Youth Mental Health Urgent Consult and Brief Intervention Clinic); and Paul Thompson (Information Management).

Jerome Le Royer Award recipient: Ininew Patient Services team

The Ininew Patient Services team took home the 2019 Jerome Le Royer Award. 

The team was honoured for its skill and compassion in coordinating and supporting a wide range of services for patients, families and escorts from the Weeneebayko Area, which encompasses First Nations communities along the western coasts of James Bay and Hudson Bay.

It’s a long distance away, measured not just in kilometres but also in cultural differences such as language and traditions.  Those patients and families profoundly rely on the Ininew team to be their eyes and ears when they arrive here for medical care and to be their voice in navigating KHSC and other provincial health care services.

The team was praised for its mastery in keeping many balls in the air as they coordinate medical appointments, travel, meals, escorts and accommodation for dozens of patients daily.  Regardless of scheduling delays, deadlines and last-minute requests, their work ethic is infused with a deep respect and concern for patients who must undertake a long journey away from their communities and into another culture.

The Ininew Patient Services team includes Sarah Butler, Kate Conacher, Clara Conn, Donna Corea, Lisa DaSilva, Stacey Djakovic, Nona Drouin, Alex Harding, Gary Helmkay, Gabriel Hookimaw, Daniel Hunter, Deanna Lloyd, Lee Anne Myers, Mary Jane Metatawabin, Joshua Miller, Ann O’Connor, Shane Prout, Elsie Rickard, Ashley Roy, Midge Rouse, Melissa Solomon, Rosemary Thompson, Elizabeth Tozer, Kateri Wesley, Gloria Wesley; and Karen Tookata Wesley.

Congratulations were also extended to the other nominee for the Jerome Le Royer Award this year, the Mary Alice 1 Fire Remediation Team, which included staff from Biomedical Engineering, Ophthalmology, Redevelopment & Planning, Infection Control, Information Management, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Risk Management, Occupational Health, Security, Volunteer Services and Communications.

On behalf of President & CEO Dr. David Pichora and the entire Executive team Sandra Carlton, Joint VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, thanked all staff and volunteers for following in the footsteps of Jeanne and Jerome.

“It’s wonderful to see their legacies and the spirit of the Awards spread across KHSC now that everyone is eligible as long as he, she or the team is providing care at the HDH site,” she said.

“We congratulate all of this year’s nominees and winners who demonstrate so generously and passionately every single day that the HDH Mission does not exist on a plaque on the wall but instead walks and talks among us in ways that can truly transform lives.”

Photo:  Ininew Patient Services, recipients of the 2010 Jerome Le Royer Award

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