Annual awards honour staff for deeply living the HDH Mission

The HDH Chapel was packed on November 6 as our HDH site paused to celebrate individuals and teams who particularly exemplify the HDH Mission and Values in the way they care for patients, families and each other.

Two awards were announced at the annual HDH Mission Awards ceremony, each named for key players in the history and Mission of the HDH site:  the Jeanne Mance Award, which recognizes individual achievement in living the HDH Mission, and the Jerome Le Royer Award, which honours teams who embody a strong spirit of collaboration.

Jeanne Mance Award

The winner of the 2018 Jeanne Mance Award is Sandy Seymour, who just retired from Outpatient Registration in her longtime role as Registration Clerk in the Johnson 7 orthopedics clinic. 

Sandy was praised for her “incredible rapport” with patients, greeting many by name and always accommodating in ways designed to make each patient visit comfortable and satisfying. 

She constructively advocated for patients on issues ranging from wait times to signage, and she often supported less fortunate patients by purchasing clothes, footwear, food and taxi fares for them. Her penchant for lifting spirits through seasonal decorations was well known and at times included giving away decorative items to patients who needed an extra boost.

And Sandy’s sense of Mission embraced her co-workers, who describe her “always [being] there with an ear and a hug.” One nominator declared that “her compassion made the work environment better.

At the ceremony Sandy’s fellow nominees for the Jeanne Mance Award were also congratulated:  Carmen Burns (Housekeeping); Isaiah Dada (Spiritual Health); Jane Dumbleton (Heads Up! Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Program); Mary Ann Hensman (EPI Program); Marina Kanellos-Sutton (Eating Disorders Clinic, Child & Youth Mental Health); and Traci Rancier (Protection Services).

Jerome Le Royer Award

The Detoxification Centre team took home the 2018 Jerome Le Royer Award.  Team members include Julia Lee, Steve Ash, Cailin Campbell, Marie Champagne, Rebecca Dew, Matt Dilworth, Tim Garrison, Victoria Gibson, Lee Henigar, Sydney Houle, Alicia Howell, Jonathan Jefferson, Jessica Lefebvre, Krista Manion, Brittany McGonegal, Chris Moore, Jacqueline Norris, Teri Sisson, John Vogelzang, Jennifer Wales, Kim Wills and Sue Young.

The Detox Centre team was applauded for providing comfort and dignity to at-risk and vulnerable clients who need a safe space to withdraw from or avoid addictive substances.  Faced daily with people who feel broken, fearful or confused, this team responds with the compassionate healing that is at the heart of the HDH Mission, to which they bring excellence in the form of best practice and integrity in their transparency with clients and each other.

Like Jerome, the team is no stranger to formidable tasks. 

“It can always be counted on to collaborate with grace and goodness,” wrote their nominator, “all the while dealing with violent and unpredictable clients, tight budgets that require them to be endlessly creative and frugal and the considerable challenge of aging infrastructure.”

Congratulations were also extended to the other nominee for the Jerome Le Royer Award this year, the Regional Diagnostic Assessment Program team, which includes Jessica Holmes, Christine Noseworthy, Jennifer Pereira and Marsha Ruddock.

On behalf of President & CEO Dr. David Pichora and the entire Executive team Elizabeth Bardon, VP of Missions, Strategy and Communications, thanked all staff and volunteers for following in the footsteps of Jeanne and Jerome.

“It’s wonderful to see their legacies and the spirit of the Awards spread across KHSC now that everyone is eligible as long as he, she or the team is providing care at the HDH site,” she said.

“We congratulate all of this year’s nominees and winners who demonstrate so generously and passionately every single day that the HDH Mission does not exist on a plaque on the wall but instead walks and talks among us in ways that can truly transform lives.”

Photo:  The Detoxification Centre team celebrates winning the 2018 Jerome Le Royer Award (top), while the 2018 Jeanne Mance Award was presented to just-retired Outpatient Registration clerk Sandy Seymour (centre, bottom).

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