Special week honours the unseen heroes of KHSC

Over the telephone Matt Green can talk you through delivering a baby, performing CPR or preventing someone from choking to death.  He starts by answering your 911 call for an ambulance but he could end up saving the life of someone you love.

Unique glaucoma guidelines take straight aim at the "silent thief"

Glaucoma steals vision slowly and painlessly when left undetected, and half of the people with the sneaky eye disease don’t even know they have it and are at risk for irreversible blindness.  Now, a first-ever quality standard is giving patients and health care providers a new level of defense against the so-called “silent thief.”

The new Glaucoma Quality Standard—the first of its kind for eye disease in Ontario—is a clear and comprehensive guide to what quality care looks like when it comes to treating glaucoma. 

Nobody does it better than "phenomenal" KHSC staff

It takes good hands to steer Kingston Health Sciences Centre through an emergency such as the recent flooding in the Central Processing Service (CPS), which sterilizes the instruments used for surgical procedures.  Fortunately, those hands are plentiful and steady, with dozens of managers and front-line staff now meeting daily to tackle the task of keeping CPS and our Operating Rooms (ORs) up and running.

Health care going to the dogs at our HDH site

A new kind of therapy is underway at our HDH site, and its three special practitioners—aka Oscar, Sophie and Arci—are scoring pats on the head wherever they go.

Room to grow

KHSC health care providers and a local school board helps youth cope with their mental health concerns

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