The most magical gift: 3.5 hours of your time

Want to give others—and yourself—a magical gift this holiday season?  How about 3.5 hours of your week towards improving patient care?

JJoan Carstairs in Brock Boutiqueoan Carstairs gave herself that present last year when she started volunteering in the Brock Boutique at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  It’s a commitment that can be summed up in three words—best gift ever—if you’re someone who loves being around happy customers, beautiful merchandise and supportive staff. 

Even after a year Joan is still amazed at the range of people she meets and chats with every week, including hospital staff, and the opportunity to connect with them as they browse through a gift shop unique to downtown Kingston.  Being able to team up with other Boutique staff and volunteers is a big bonus, she says.  Not only does it give her some hands-on experience around retail merchandising but it also lets her spend quality social time with others who support and appreciate the skills and strengths she brings to her volunteer work. In a sense, everyone is a happy customer.  “Someone’s always there to help me,” she says, “which makes it easy for me to help everyone who visits the Boutique.” 

Brock Boutique volunteers do a one 3.5 hour shift weekly, and their generous gift of time helps the Boutique to raise funds in support of patient care at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  If giving back to our community is on your holiday wish list and if you think you would enjoy a role similar to Joan’s, then please visit our Volunteers page.  

Happy Holidays!