The 12 Compliments at Christmas 2016

Living our values, celbrating our mission
Congratulations for the excellent work!

The Patient Relations Office receives many, many compliments throughout the year.  Below is a seasonal sampling of what we hear about our staff, physicians and volunteers throughout the year and about your impact on patients and families. All of these moments foster a positive impression of the experience we strive to provide every day at Hotel Dieu.

  1. From start to finish, everyone was kind, friendly and helpful, it really was a pleasure.”
  2. “I had not eaten all day and it was quite late. As soon as I shared this with the physician their first reaction was to arrange to have food brought to my room.”
  3. “I’m hoping not to have a repeat performance that would bring me back to any hospital but, if it should happen, I would arrive [to HDH] in a confident and relaxed frame of mind.”
  4. “I have always been fearful of hospitals. I was coming in regularly and every person I encountered made my experience easier and less anxious.”
  5. “I have been going to Hotel Dieu for years. Yesterday, I noticed the following:
    * Overall, the facility is cleaner.
    * Signage has improved over 10 years ago; it’s easier to find my way around.
    * All staff I interacted with were respectful, looked me in the eye,  were cordial & informative.
    * There appeared to be a harmony, a cohesiveness.
    * I just wanted to take the time to give you all kudos for a job well done in the area of client standards and services.”
  6. “My daughter was the patient. Every single person we dealt with had a caring attitude towards all of us.”
  7. “I filed a concern a few years ago.  The purpose of my contact today is to comment that I have experienced a 180-degree shift in attitude, how my appointments are scheduled and [how] I was kept in the loop while I waited.”
  8. “We feel so very blessed to have [her] in our lives.  She goes above and beyond every time.  We trust [her] completely with everything and that is hard to come by. We feel that she is part of our family and we feel that every child is blessed to have her as their nurse.”
  9. “When I indicated I had not taken pain medication yet as I wanted to be coherent in my account of the trauma that had just happened, the nurse practically ran to get me something to ease my discomfort.”
  10. “The staff gave simple and supportive instructions to help me do my part [as a patient] successfully.”
  11. “Thanks to all who worked in the Urgent Care Centre. I had a great experience with all the staff…. Although I don't come to the Urgent Care Centre for friendly, ‘nice’ service, it sure made the experience much more positive and put me at ease in a stressful situation.”
  12. “I was treated like royalty. The staff was thorough and patient with me, and the frontline Café staff were pleasant and helped me get seated. Hotel Dieu is one of the best!”