Step off of the scale & into your life

Women in a field with birds flying around

What would it be like to wake up and just enjoy your day? No distractions. No lingering chatter in your mind. No math equations. No flattened self-esteem after a trip to the bathroom scale. Whoa. Freedom.

It doesn’t come effortlessly to folks who struggle with weight or food or body issues. It may seem impossible to ease up on weight checks or counting nutrients or incorporating treats every once in a while. But there is always opportunity to live with elements of freedom. Granted, it takes daily dedication, self-respect and willingness to approach the uncomfortable. It also takes acceptance that weight is not a static number. 

Daily weight checking can be a huge barrier to maintaining healthy lifestyle practices. Sometimes we may walk away with frustration or discouragement. And this changes how we care for ourselves. If this is familiar for you, make it your intention to put aside the scales this month. Focus on body cues, maintain consistent meals and have fun outside. Enjoy good, fresh foods. Take time to care for your body and mind every day.  Talk to a counselor to build strategies for positive self-talk and daily action. Simply live your life. The feeling of freedom is worth it.