Navigating Social Media

Mobile Phone Health Concept

The Facebook site said …

I’m a part of the online community network and they suggest …

I’ve been supplementing with (____) because someone on the peer network used it …

This is simply a snapshot into the ‘doctor internet’ comments that we receive in our daily practice at the bariatric clinic. Indeed, we support the strong network of peer support for bariatric patients. However, we must advise caution about sharing and receiving health advice online and with peers.
When engaging in online discussions and forums, consider:

Who is posting: is the advice evidence-based and offered by a qualified individual?
Who reviews the site information: is content reviewed prior to posting to safeguard accuracy?
Where did the information come from: is it evidenced-based?

Social media is a place to connect, share and support. However, letting our vulnerable health care be influenced and directed by our peers can expose us to the risk of being misled and misinformed.
As humans, we live through our own experiences. While this is valuable, our journey is our own. Given the complex nature of obesity as a chronic, relapsing chronic disease and bariatric surgery as a highly specialized treatment in the care of obesity, it’s important to work with your bariatric health care team to review information and advice that you receive online.