I’m addicted to food.

Stock photo of hand reaching into fridge
Nutrition Month 2017: Take the Fight out of Food!

We’ve heard it before: people can live without alcohol or tobacco but no one can go a day without food. For many folks, the thought of changing typical food choices or eating habits can evoke anxiety and fear. A feeling of I can’t live without.

Spot the problem: Food is a source of comfort and familiarity. It’s part of our history and, for some, a strong source of pleasure. Over time, our food choices and behaviours can become habitual. Approaching change to our eating pattern and choices can feel consuming and hopeless. But labeling our food struggles as ‘addiction’ can set us up for obstacles ahead.

The facts:  Food and eating habits are effective tools to ease anxiety. It’s human to want comfort in times of sadness, fear and loneliness. Overcoming food struggles requires a lot of attention, compassion and perseverance. It requires daily effort to monitor our food intake, uncover our eating and emotional patterns and challenge our habits and thoughts.

Seek support: A social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist can be an invaluable member in your journey to heal risky behaviours involving food. These professionals will support you. They will help you understand habits, challenge your thoughts, establish a routine and build stress tolerance. Ask your physician or nurse practitioner for a referral.

For more information and resources about Nutrition Month visit www.NutritionMonth2017.ca