Healthy Hibernation

Runner in fall - Fotolia #57325766
The benefits of physical activity for our physical and emotional health are well understood. With the cold weather and busy holiday schedules upon us, how can we stay motivated to keep our bodies moving?

Make your day a little bit harder

When it comes to being physically active, anything and everything counts! You don’t necessarily need to devote a block of time every day exclusively for physical fitness. Make your day a little bit harder by parking farther away from buildings, taking the stairs, walking to speak to a colleague instead of e-mailing or going for a walk on your lunch break.

  • Really don’t like the cold? Explore your workplace on foot during your breaks or head to the stairwell for some vigorous climbing.
  • Walking up stairs too hard on your knees? Start by using the elevator on the way up but taking the stairs down.
  • Do you already have a job that requires you to be on your feet? Use your breaks to do some stretching.

Use a Pedometer

A pedometer, or step counter can be a great motivator. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Pedometers can be found for reasonable prices in department and dollar stores. If you have a smartphone, download an app made for step counting or tracking your activity. You can also borrow one. Kingston Frontenac Public Libraries and the Seniors Centre have a pedometer lending program. Use it as a tool to challenge yourself to walk more and more!

Stay warm with indoor walking

If you enjoyed walking this summer but are deterred by the weather, take a friend to a mall or other indoor location. Look for indoor walking groups in your community (check out your local health unit or community health centre) or start one yourself.

Try something new

Whether it’s a new winter activity like snowshoeing or cross country skiing or a new indoor activity like yoga or Pilates, the cooler weather is a great time to step outside your comfort zone!