Even when I look at food, I start to gain weight.

Stock photo of bowl of cereal with stress spelt out
Nutrition Month 2017: Take the Fight out of Food!

If you’ve ever struggled with weight or body image issues, this is a familiar grumble. It’s acting in defeat and surrendering your own worth without first acknowledging your patience, determination and value.

Spot the problem: When we believe our thoughts more than our rational mind, we lose the fight before we begin. Kindness, understanding and self-respect go a long way in sustaining behaviour change.

The facts: Looking at food does not lead to weight gain. Body weight is influenced by a web of factors. Some of these factors are beyond our control, such as hormones and health conditions. But there are things that we do have control over, namely, how we care for and nourish our body.

Seek support: Learn about what influences weight management. Talk to a trusted health professional about your vulnerabilities around weight and food. Be open with yourself. Start a food and emotion diary. Begin to journal your frequent negative thoughts. Then challenge these negative thoughts. Be gentle with yourself and acknowledge that each day you have the power to do the best you can.

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