Defuse the negative

Here in the bariatric clinic, we are home to some of the most vulnerable conversations that folks will have. We open up discussions about raw, human experiences around body, weight and food.

When it comes to individual relationships around bodies, we each carry a personal story. Much of the time, this story is written with hurt, frustration and negativity. To actively approach weight loss means shifting comfortability, harnessing daily attention and securing long-term commitment. When we engage in a weight loss pursuit, we have hopefulness that is as brittle as a dry leaf in the fall. We easily attach failure to an unplanned food choice, a lack of movement on a scale or a comment from a peer.

But, what if we start to approach this pursuit with understanding, strength and positivity: understanding the complexity of obesity as a physiological and psychological entity, strengthening the structure and support in our environment and positively creating behaviour change in our lives. Perhaps, this is a way to move beyond vulnerability. Perhaps this is a way to change the conversation and defuse the negative talk that derails our hopefulness. Because, the sooner we discover kindness toward our own body, the sooner we will receive moments of joy and contentment.