Change is here! Annual Post-Op Group Class

Graphic of classroom presentation
How can we better support our patients who are one year and beyond surgery?

Can you believe that the Kingston Bariatric Centre of Excellence (BCoE) has been supporting patients in their best weight and health for 5 years? We feel so lucky that that we’re able to support our community in the journey to better health.

As our patient volumes  continue to grow, we’ve found ourselves challenged in meeting our patient demands. So our team of innovative health professionals started to brainstorm. How can we better support our patients who are one year and beyond surgery?

The winning solution? An Annual Post-op Group Class. This class is your opportunity to share your challenges and successes, meet with your bariatric health care team and receive encouragement from your peers. You’ll be invited to this annual class at one year post-op and each year following until your 5th anniversary. After your 5th anniversary, you’ll return to your family physician for your bariatric care needs.

The annual Post-op Class is facilitated by our team dietitians, social worker, registered nurse and nurse practitioner. The class is about 1 ½ hours in duration. During this time you can expect to:

  • share your experiences with fellow surgical graduates,
  • update annual bloodwork,
  • update personal measurements (such as weight and waist circumference),
  • access support on weight loss progression, weight fluctuation, nutrient supplements, stress management and coping with life after surgery, and
  • get individual support or consult from the team nurse practitioner, social worker or registered dietitian.

One of our team members may give you a phone call after the class. We want to make sure that you feel good about your recovery.

Have a specific concern that you want to talk about one on one with one of our team members? We’d be happy to book you an individual appointment outside of the annual class to offer support.

Change is good. And we’re so pleased that we’re a part of your journey.