Benefits to Volunteering

Queen's University volunteers in COPC
My name is Abby and I am a fourth year Psychology Student at Queen’s University. Read One volunteer's story below

Refreshments: Each shift volunteers receive a complimentary beverage from Volunteer Services.  The drink voucher is available upon sign in and redeemed at the Brockview Café.

Travel Expenses: Full reimbursement for parking at HDH or for bus travel within Kingston to and from your volunteer shifts is provided courtesy of Volunteer Services.

Discount in the Brock Boutique: All HDH volunteers & staff will receive 10% off their items (not including stationary & food items) when you present your Photo ID.

Volunteer Lounge: is a resource centre for you to lock up your personal belongings while you are onsite as well as to find the lastest news and events for volunteers.

Fitness Centre: HDH has a gym that is available 24/7 for all staff and volunteers at a modest annual fee. 

Educational Events: Throughout the year education or special events are held at HDH which are open to staff as well as volunteers.  These include celebrations of accomplishments as well as updates on current medical issues of importance to our community.  These events will be emailed to volunteers and/or posted at the sign-in kiosk.

References: Volunteer Resources may provide documentation that will verify volunteer hours with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. It will be up to the discretion of the Manager to provide a volunteer with a reference after they have completed a minimum of 50 volunteer hours.

Social Events & Recognition: Volunteer Services Annual General Meeting is held in October of each year and all active HDH volunteers are encouraged to attend.  Regular general meetings of Volunteer Services are also held throughout the year to inform volunteers of important updates. On special occasions we acknowledge active years of service, nominate individuals for Ontario Service Awards & Volunteer Achievement Awards. We encourage volunteers to nominate colleagues for the HDH Mission Moments & to always let us know when you see others doing good work. We celebrate National Volunteer Week each year in April with various activities for our volunteers.

One volunteer's story

My name is Abby Tigchelaar (pictured above on right), and I am a fourth year Psychology Student at Queen’s University. I started volunteering at HDH through the Kids for Kids program at Queen’s, which brings University students in to volunteer in the Children’s Out-Patient Clinic playroom (COPC). I started at the beginning of my third year, for two main reasons: I love working with kids, and I needed volunteer hours for my grad school application. However, HDH quickly became a new community for me to submerse myself in, and it is that community that has kept me bringing me back to the COPC. The staff at HDH is wonderful and they really work hard to ensure the volunteers are appreciated, the other volunteers are always so friendly and eager to chat with you for a few minutes, and I’ve always had great volunteer buddies in my time at the COPC. However, it is the kids and their families in the COPC that really keeps me coming back. We see dozens of kids every week: kids of different ages, from different families, there for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are spending part of their day at a hospital instead of going about their normal life—and that can be really hard for them. But in that time of waiting outside the clinic, us volunteers get to play with them, colour with them, and chat with them and their families, providing them with an opportunity to, if only briefly, forget what’s waiting for them inside that Doctor’s office and to just enjoy being a kid doing normal kid things. And that to me is an incredibly honouring opportunity.