Mission & Values

Our Legacy Mission

The mission of Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is to make visible the compassionate healing presence of God to all persons. We share in this Mission by being a caring and just community. This is expressed through the pursuit of excellence in health service, education and research.


Our Legacy Values

Dignity of the human person – recognizes that we respect the intrinsic goodness, worth, spirituality and equality of every person.

Compassion – is a felt experience that allows one to stand by and support others; it is a gentleness that moves us deeply to enter into places of pain and to share in brokenness, fear, confusion and anguish.

Justice – to render to everyone their due, which may be a share of the common good, as well as respect, fair wage and fair working conditions. Justice speaks to action and risk necessary to change attitudes and structures for the common good.

Integrity – speaks to the quality of a person or an organization where consistency of character is shown by honesty, truthfulness, respect for values and ethics, transparency and authentic behaviour, which are all lived through accountability and stewardship.

Excellence – to strive to bring quality to all undertakings related to performance of one’s role, work and interactions with others.