Quality & Performance

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

The Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) 2016-2017 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) outlines the hospital’s quality commitments for 2016-2017, consistent with the hospital’s mission, vision, values and strategic directions. The QIP Workplan contains specific quality improvement initiatives that are tracked and monitored regularly. Our QIP helps us focus our efforts on key quality improvement priorities, making sure they are aligned with the overall quality improvement goals of the organization and system. The priorities in the HDH QIP are informed by the Hospital Annual Planning Submission (HAPS), Hospital Accountability Agreement (HSAA) and Accreditation Canada standards and Patient Safety Required Organizational Practices. In 2016-2017 HDH will continue to work with our partners to deliver integrated, accessible, safe, high quality health care to patients from across the Southeast region. For more information, contact 613-544-3400 extension 2608 or email the Quality Improvement Office.

QIP Progress Report

We also report regularly on our Patient Relations, Risk Management and Strategic Planning goals and objectives.

  • The Quarterly Patient Relations Report (below) is a summary of the feedback (compliments, complaints etc..) received by the Patient Relations Office. This report shows trends in the number of complaints/ compliments received as well as the type of issues brought forward.
  • The Quarterly Quality & Safety Report (below) trends the number of incidents reported in SAFE reporting. It also provides information about the severity of report incidents and trending of patient/ visitor falls.
  • HDH Quarterly Scorecard (below) - The scorecard contains multiple indicators in different categories (e.g. Patient Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-Centred) that are monitored, reported to the Hotel Dieu Hospital senior leadership and Board of Directors. Some indicators measure progress achieving our strategic priorities for the most recent fiscal year and others measure how well we are doing achieving the targets in our Quality Improvement Plan.