Adult Mental Health Program

The Adult Mental Health Program (AMHP) provides assessment and brief intervention for adults, 18 years of age and older.

This is a non-urgent, short-term outpatient service. Care process includes individual assessment, psychiatric consultation and pharmacological treatment where prescribed.  For those involved in our program, an array of group psychotherapy treatment is available including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychoeducation and Mindfulness-Based Treatment.

We accept referrals from physicians only. We prefer the referral come from the primary care physician, as we practice the shared-care model of service and work in partnership with the primary care physician.

Adult Mental Health Program Policies:


It is extremely important that you attend all booked appointments. Failure to attend your appointment creates a considerable delay in the provision of care for you and blocks access to care for others.

  • In order to facilitate appropriate use of our service and promote accessibility, we ask that you notify our program 24 hours in advance if you are not able to attend your scheduled appointment.
  • Initial appointment:  Failure to attend this appointment without appropriate notice will lead to automatic closure of your file. If you wish to continue with your referral, we will require a new referral from your family physician, which will be processed in order of arrival.
  • Follow-up appointment:  If you fail to attend a scheduled follow-up appointment on two consecutive occasions without providing appropriate notice, you may no longer be eligible for the services offered with the Adult Mental Health Program. 
  • Late attendance: You may not be seen if you do not attend your scheduled appointment on time.

Prescription Renewals

  • If you are being seen for short term follow-up and have been prescribed medication which requires renewal, please contact your pharmacy and have them fax a request to: 613-548-6095. 
  • If you have had an appointment and no follow-ups have been arranged, please contact your family physician for prescription renewals.

NOTE:  Medications may not be renewed if you have missed your recent appointments.

Ontario Disability Support Program Requests

Please note that you have been referred to this clinic for treatment of your disorder.  Please note that ODSP requests are unlikely to be completed at this clinic.  Your referring physician will receive a copy of your consultation report which can be used to assist with completing your Ontario Disability Support Program forms.