Outpatient Services

Eating Disorders

The outpatient Eating Disorder program at Hotel Dieu is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and specialized program that provides assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with eating disorders. The team consists of a Psychiatrist, Behaviour Therapist, Dietician, Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Social Worker. The Eating Disorder team at Hotel Dieu utilizes a family therapy based treatment which includes family therapy, individual therapy (when appropriate), parent support groups and nutritional support. Child & Youth Eating Disorder Program Referral.

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Mood & Anxiety

The Mood and Anxiety Clinic offers assessment and intervention services to school aged children and youth with severe or complex mood and anxiety disorders. Services are offered by a multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, and social work and include medication management, individual therapy, behaviour management, group therapy, parent programs, and family therapy.

Contact: 613-544-3400 ext. 2508 Fax: 613-544-7623 Email Assistant

Neuro-Developmental Clinic

The Neuro-Developmental Clinic accepts referrals from within the Division of Child & Youth Psychiatry, the special education and clinical services of local school boards, and community partners. Referrals are accepted for children who have, or who are thought to have, complex neuro-cognitive disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Learning Disabilities (LDs), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other disruptive behaviour disorders. The Team offers evidence-based specialized assessment, treatment, consultation, and long-term follow-up for children and adolescents.

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Referral Process for Outpatient Services

Referrals to the Division of Child & Youth Psychiatry must be made by physician (e.g. family doctor, paediatrician). Once a referral has been made, it will be triaged within the Division to determine the appropriate clinic and psychiatrist.

What To Expect from your outpatient visit

Our outpatient clinics are located on Brock 5 at Hotel Dieu. Please check in with our secretaries in room 564 before your appointment.

At your first appointment, you and your child will meet with a psychiatrist, who will complete an initial assessment. Based on this assessment, your child's psychiatrist will then make recommendations for services and treatment that are appropriate for your child, if necessary. Your child may be referred to another professional on the multidisciplinary teams (psychology, social work, behaviour therapy, occupational therapy) for further assessment, individual treatment, and/or group treatment.

Parental involvement is a vital and necessary part of our services. Parent education and training is provided through individual treatment and groups.

Please expect a wait time to access a psychiatrist, along with additional wait time to access multidisciplinary services.