Wi-Fi goes live at HDH site of KHSC

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On July 4, right on schedule, the Hotel Dieu Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) flipped the switch on its new Wi-Fi service, welcome news for patients, families, staff and learners across KHSC who can now jump online with their mobile devices at HDH, access ground-breaking educational tools and benefit from a big boost to internet access and speed.

While complimentary Wi-Fi guest access is familiar to patients, families and staff at the Kingston General Hospital site, HDH is going live with a similar service for the first time, enabling patients and families to make the most of their wait time and giving clinical staff quick access to online resources to help deliver quality patient care.  Ensuring Wi-Fi access at both hospital sites aligned with the July 1st launch of the new online competency-based medical education (CBME) framework at Queen’s University and, overall, paved the way to greater internet connectivity across KHSC.

Users logging onto Wi-Fi at the HDH site should now look for a new Wi-Fi signal labeled “KHSC-Guest.”  After they sign onto the guest portal a welcome page pops up spelling out KHSC’s Acceptable Use Policy, which includes Terms and Conditions of Use, Security Considerations and a Disclaimer clause. The page cautions users about the risks of transmitting credit card information, passwords or any other sensitive personal information.

The KGH Wi-Fi network will be updated in August to “KHSC-Guest,” bringing a consistent experience and brand to both hospital sites.  Physicians and residents involved in CBME log onto a password-protected Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi project racked up some impressive numbers at the HDH site, says Project Manager Andrew Gissing, where crews laid down 23 kilometres—roughly 15 miles—of cable and installed 355 access points and 700 patch cords.

“Equally impressive,” he says, “was the performance of the networking team that mapped every nook and cranny to ensure wireless coverage at the HDH site.  The team’s expertise was also critical to improving internet speed—a huge bonus at both sites given the amount of network traffic.”

“From a patient experience perspective, providing access to Wi-Fi at the HDH site is a big win,” says Troy Jones, KHSC Executive VP & Chief Information Officer, noting that patients and families have long requested the technology to help make their wait time more productive and comfortable.

“It’s also a big win for hospital integration,” he says.  “The Wi-Fi initiative is the first joint organizational project that pooled resources and efficiencies to provide a higher level of service at a lower cost at both HDH and KGH.  It’s truly an integration success story that was made possible by the great collaboration of staff at both hospital sites.”

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