hdhEnews issue: June 26, 2014

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New hours take effect in Urgent Care Centre
Hotel Dieu Hospital announces 2014-2015 Board of Directors 
Hotel Dieu appoints Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff
Board Chair, front-line staff honoured with prestigious awards
New Patient & Family Council celebrates first year of success 
Open house showcases excellence, innovation in gastroenterology
Ask the Expert: Making (sun) sense of lotions, linens, visors & more
Congratulations to winners of Volunteer Achievement Awards

New hours take effect in Urgent Care Centre

Urgent Care - Hotel DieuStarting June 16, our Urgent Care Centre began operating 8 am to 8 pm, 365 days of the year.

The new hours are geared to providing better urgent care services during the busiest times of the day, says Dr. Gord Jones, Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Hotel Dieu, Kingston General Hospital and Queen’s University.

“Our aim is have patients seen, diagnosed, treated and discharged as smoothly and quickly as possible,” says Jones.

“We’re asking patients to arrive between 8 am and 8 pm, when we can provide the most efficient access to physicians, nurses and diagnostic imaging services such as X-rays and CT scans.”

Jones explains that the switch to a 12-hour UCC is supported by evidence that shows patient volumes peak early in the day. Shifting and concentrating UCC resources into a shorter time frame dovetails with the busy daytime hours when patients most often seek urgent care.

Jones reminds the community that anyone with an acute, life-threatening emergency or medical problem that will likely need admission to hospital should go to their local Emergency Department.

For non-life-threatening injuries/illnesses that cannot wait for a visit to the family physician, patients should come to the UCC.

“If you’re having a health problem that’s not life-threatening and that can’t wait for a visit to the family doctor, then come to Urgent Care at Hotel Dieu,” he says. “Just be sure to get here by 8 pm.”

Hotel Dieu Hospital announces 2014-2015 Board of Directors

HDH year in reviewFollowing its Annual Business Meeting on June 25, Hotel Dieu Hospital announced the re-appointment of Sherri McCullough as Chair of its Board of Directors for 2014/2015. Michael Hickey has been re-appointed Vice-Chair.

Hotel Dieu Hospital continues to do more in the field of ambulatory care and to do it better, says McCullough, citing as recent examples the launch of a new dermatology clinic, the opening of a specialized treatment centre for macular degeneration—the first of its kind in Canada—and the streamlining of urgent care services to reduce wait times for patients and families.

“Hotel Dieu is consistently identified as a top-performing organization in patient satisfaction surveys,” she says, “which reflects our commitment to providing the best outpatient care possible to patients and families in this region. They are at the centre of everything we do, and we move forward into another exciting year of transforming ambulatory care guided by their experiences and expectations.”

The Members of the hospital Corporation have re-appointed Lola Hulton as the Board’s Secretary/Treasurer. As appointed by the Members of the Corporation the Board of Directors also include: Robert Boucher, Alan Cosford, Marnie Dahl, Emily Leslie, Peter Milliken, Laurie Newport and Peter O’Brien. Sister Rosemarie Kugel is an honorary Board Member.

The following individuals will serve as voting ex-officio Directors: Caroline Manley (representative of the Archbishop of Kingston) and Dr. Richard Reznick (representative of the Principal of Queen’s University).

Non-voting ex-officio Directors include Dr. Jay Engel (Vice President, Medical Staff); Dr. John Leverette (Interim Chair, Medical Advisory Committee); Michael McDonald (Chief of Patient Care/Chief Nursing Executive); Dr. David Pichora (Chief Executive Officer); and Dr. K. Thain (President, Medical Staff).

To view the hospital’s 2013-2014 Annual Report, please click HERE.

Hotel Dieu appoints Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff

Dr. FitzpatrickDr. Michael Fitzpatrick has been appointed Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff at Hotel Dieu Hospital effective September 1, 2014. Dr. Fitzpatrick takes over from Dr. John Leverette who was appointed as Interim Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff of Hotel Dieu Hospital in late January. The Board thanks Dr. Leverette for his able leadership during this interim period and is pleased that he will continue in his role as Director of Medical Affairs.

“We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Fitzpatrick has been appointed to this important position,” says Sherri McCullough, Chair of the Board of Directors.

“As Chair of the Kingston General Hospital/Hotel Dieu Hospital Ambulatory Clinics Committee and as a practicing Respirologist with clinical responsibilities at Hotel Dieu, Dr. Fitzpatrick has a keen respect for our mission and values, and is a strong supporter of our vision of leading the transformation of ambulatory care.

“He brings to the position a tremendous breadth of experience in leadership roles within the local health and academic systems. The Board extends its full support to Dr. Fitzpatrick in this new role.”

As Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff, Dr. Fitzpatrick will provide medical leadership to nine programs and be responsible for oversight of all hospital medical functions, including medical education occurring within the hospital. He will also provide administrative oversight, ensuring that physicians and physician learners are appropriately credentialed and maintain professional standards of practice.

As Chief of Staff, he will be responsible to ensure that quality medical services are managed effectively, consistent with the Hospital’s strategic and operational priorities. And he will have oversight on the development of research activities and partnerships.

Dr. Fitzpatrick graduated from medical school at the National University of Ireland in 1982 and practiced in Ireland and Scotland prior to completing a Clinical Fellowship in Respirology at the University of Saskatchewan in 1992.

He was appointed to the medical staff at Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital in 1997 and has held the position of Chair, Division of Respirology & Critical Care Medicine, Queen’s University since 2007. He is a Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Sleep medicine.

Dr. Fitzpatrick is also appointed as Professor, Department of Medicine, and Professor, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s University.

Board Chair, front-line staff honoured with prestigious awards

HDH Board Chair, front-line staff honoured with prestigious awardsAt its annual Celebration of Giving on June 19, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation handed out its prestigious awards for volunteerism and philanthropic leadership to some familiar faces at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Sherri McCullough, Chair of the HDH Board of Directors, was honoured with the 2014 Ian Wilson Award for Volunteerism. The award is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer efforts in the solicitation of donations benefiting Kingston’s university hospitals through an event, organized campaign or informal activity.

A long-time Hotel Dieu Hospital volunteer, Sherri was praised for the many ways in which she appreciates and respects the culture, mission and values across Kingston’s hospitals, acting as an ambassador whenever the opportunity arises.

The 2014 Davies Award for Philanthropic Leadership was given to the Run/Walk Committee for the Child Development Centre at Hotel Dieu. The Davies Awards are awarded annually to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated outstanding philanthropic leadership benefiting Kingston university hospitals and the provision of health care for the people of Kingston and Southeastern Ontario. Tim Davies (pictured in photo, far left) presented the award to CDC Run/Walk representatives/organizers (left to right) Emily Jackson, Marvin Switzer and Margaret Van Beers.

The Run/Walk Committee for the Child Development Centre is made up of devoted staff from the Child Development Centre who donate their time to organize and host the popular family run/walk to raise funds for needed equipment and other supports for their pediatric clients. They were praised as leaders in their work and in their giving spirit, leading by example in support of the clients and families with whom they partner.

To view the awards presentation, please click here.

To view UHKF’s 2014 Giving Report, please click here.

New Patient & Family Council celebrates first year of success

HDH Patient & Family Council With the publication of its first Annual Report, the new Patient & Family Council marked its first full year of operation and set out the activities in which the hospital’s Patient Experience Advisors have been “enthusiastically involved.”

The report’s summary of activities is impressive, including initiatives such as information brochures and checklists to help patients arrive better prepared for their hospital visit and point-of-care comment cards that encourage immediate feedback. Patient Experience Advisors (PEAs) also spearheaded the Patient & Family–Centred Care (PFCC) Grants, which make funds available for small, one-time projects recommended by staff as ways to enhance patient dignity and comfort. And through PEAs, the patient perspective was at the table in hospital clinical, safety and recruitment committees; in key planning for quality improvement; and in policy reviews addressing protocols for obtaining patient feedback and providing the best assistance to patients and visitors.

In addition, the Patient & Family Council kept their perspective sharp throughout the year by touring and/or learning about more than a dozen hospital clinics, committees and projects in order to deepen their understanding of Hotel Dieu. This summer, two of the hospital’s 10 PEAs will tap into PFCC experience and expertise from around the world when they attend an international PFCC conference in Vancouver.

You can read the Patient & Family Council 2014 Annual Report here.

Open house showcases excellence, innovation in gastroenterology

 Dr. Lawrence HookeyIt was standing room only when Dr. Lawrence Hookey spoke about excellence and innovation in Gastroenterology clinical care and research during an open house event on June 9.

Attended by about 50 patients, donors, staff and physicians, the first-ever Gastroenterology Open House featured behind-the-scenes tours of the department’s clinic, teaching and research space, along with hands-on demonstrations of endoscopy technology in procedure rooms dedicated to training and research. Visitors also checked out the prep/recovery area for those patients having endoscopic procedures, and had the opportunity to talk with the nurses and physicians who form the hospital’s highly effective and efficient endoscopy team.

A highlight of the event was a presentation by Dr. Lawrence Hookey, Medical Director of the Endoscopy Unit and Director of the Gastroenterology Training Program at Queen’s University. Dr. Hookey mapped out the gastroenterology landscape in the Kingston area, providing an excellent perspective on the past, present and future of clinical care and research. You can watch his entire presentation here.

Dr. Hookey also announced a personal donation to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation to help support continuing excellence in gastroenterology, particularly in the area of research. In thanking him Denise Cumming, UHKF Executive Director, noted that the donation will advance care and research in the gastroenterology program, as well as provide a tangible example of his commitment to patients in our community.

Ask the Expert: Making (sun) sense of lotions, linens, visors & more 
Dermatologist Dr. Yuka Asai replies to your questions:

sunscreen applicationWhere do people go wrong with sunscreen?
The biggest failures with sunscreen are not putting it on, not putting on enough or not reapplying it frequently enough. Sunscreens should be reapplied every 3-4 hours, although if you’re swimming or perspiring, it’s closer to every 1-2 hours. This means that you should be able to tolerate both the texture and the price of the sunscreen you are using.

Are aerosol sunscreens okay to use?
First, make sure that any sunscreen has UVA and UVB coverage, with a minimum SPF of 30 and be applied 15-30 minutes prior to going out. Did you know that you would need to apply 2mg/cm2 to get the SPF that is listed on the bottle? That should give you an idea of how much you should be using in one application. Aerosol or spray sunscreens can be used as well, but people should rub it in to make sure that droplets actually make contact with the skin surface rather than just sitting on top of body hair.

Parents: Remember that you teach by example. You may be great at covering your child with sunscreen and making sure they’re wearing a hat, but if you aren’t doing the same for yourself, you can bet that behavior is not going to continue once they are too old for you to be smearing them with sunscreen. We get the majority of sun exposure when we are young, which can have lifelong consequences, so it is important to practice what you preach.

So…if I use enough sunscreen, then I’m OK?
Sunscreen is the “hard hat and boots” of photoprotection. But when you’re on a construction site, you hope there are other safety measures in place to protect you from falling beams than just your hat and boots.

To protect our skin, those other safety measures include avoidance of sun exposure in the daytime peak hours (11 am to 4 pm), seeking shade and wearing hats, sunglasses and clothing. Full, wide-brimmed hats with a 3-inch brim are recommended. Why not baseball caps or a visor? Neither protects the ears or the neck, and visors do not protect the scalp. Men and women with thinning hair need to be extra diligent about wearing hats.

Can’t some clothing protect me?
Many companies now offer UV protective clothing, but buyer beware—make sure there is a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) label on it rather than just generic terms. You don’t have to buy specialized clothing to protect yourself—all clothing has some element of protection—but know that if you can see light coming through the weave of the clothing, then more UV is coming through as well. Linen is therefore not a great UV blocker. Denim is a great blocker of UV but other materials such as tightly woven cotton may be more desirable in the hot weather.

Can I ease up on sun protection after summer ends?
Sun protection should be a year-round thing because the vast majority of UV rays penetrate clouds, mist and fog. In Canada, UV rays are at their strongest between 11 am and 4 pm from May to August, but you can also get an increased dose in the winter due to reflection of UV rays off the snow and ice. UV also reflects off water, sand and concrete. The UV dose also increases as the altitude increases.

We have excellent surgeons, new techniques and more options for treating skin cancer than we have had in the past, but let’s just avoid all that by protecting ourselves properly. More information about sun protection can be obtained from the Canadian Dermatology Association, at www.dermatology.ca

Congratulations to winners of Volunteer Achievement Awards

HDH Volunteer awardsVolunteer Services recently honoured three individuals with the 2014 Volunteer Achievement Awards. Nominees and recipients are selected by their peers for their contributions to promoting and enhancing the volunteer program at HDH.

The awards were presented at Volunteer Services’ Spring General Meeting in recognition of the individuals' willingness to support the hospital’s volunteer program, show leadership in relation to volunteerism at Hotel Dieu and overall positive attitude towards volunteer services and projects.

This year’s recipients were:

  • Taralynn Richmond – Patient Relations Officer (pictured centre with Sharon Suddergaard, President of Volunteer Services left and Jennifer Sawyer, Director Volunteer Resources right)
  • Traci Rancier – Security Officer
  • Carol Hazell – Information Desk and Brock Boutique Volunteer

Honourable mentions went to Security Officers Dennis Mercer and Hilary Kaert, and to Gwen Batten, Telephone Reminder Caller Volunteer.

Congratulations to everyone!